Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photo edits...

I've found something fun to do to occupy my time while I "work"...yes, I do these things while being paid to wait around for other people to finish their jobs!! GREAT position I tell ya! :)

Well, here's a few shots....LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

Some flowers Steven gave me awhile back..thought I'd play with colors

Same flowers, playing with the blurring

On Steven's birthday he took our friends motorcycle on a ride, I took this picture from our truck riding next to him at 70mph...thought I'd boost the colors

This was a natural phenomenon that we witnessed. The rainbow completely encircled the sun! I just deepened the colors.

Just gave it a B/W look and added a shadowing around the edges


Jackie said...

These look great! I've never taken the time to try something like this out.

Kendra said...

It's all on a free site!!! :) I just used pics that I took with my silly camera-phone then went into that site and had fun!!!