Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lets test my passion one more time...

Fair warning, this post is fairly opinionated...if you have any comments or concerns, do let me know!

Well, yesterday was hard...very hard...

Steven was up for a job as an ISS teacher. Basically, monitoring the troubled kids at the middle school he coaches football at. Well, the principal and vice principal of the school were very excited about his interview and his answers. They were gung-hoe and wanted him in there without a doubt...it passed through to the district...after being widdled down from 15 candidates to 2...the district looked at Steven's background and then at the other guys. What detered them from hiring Steven???? The other guy has his teaching certificate (not required for this position) and if he was there then they wouldn't have to hire out a substitute teacher all the time. (Except..if they use him as a sub..then who watches ISS..perplexing, I know) Therefore, Steven wasn't hired for the job.

The kicker (and the part that triggers my passion), while in interview Steven was adamant about saying that he's there for the kids, that the wants to simply reach out and help them for the greater good. The other guy, simply wants a job! (This information was shared from the vice principal since he was quite disappointed with the districts decision).

While I was in education courses a few years back I'd always felt the need to help more than teach. I wanted to EDUCATE rather than TEACH. The difference you ask??

ed-u-cate: –verb (used with object) to develop the faculties and powers of (a person) by teaching, instruction, or schooling.

teach: -verb (used with object) to impart knowledge of or skill in; give instruction in

I see a HUGE difference between these two. I've always wanted to help a person grow from the core knowledge and the true person that they are; never simply give them the information that a state dictates so that my school could earn more money for their positive test scores! (Hence why standardized testing is a mess; you can't put a standard on a society of individuals)

What tore at my heart (and made me cry for nearly an hour) is the fact that this specific school is nearly half filled with foster kids or single-parented kids. They need someone who is willing to look at them as individuals, treat them as adults, giving respect that they so desparately need, so that they might not cause as much trouble, or honestly, they just might do their school-work and better themselves in the long run. But, instead, they've handed this very delicate position to a person that doesn't care what the kids are going through, hasn't reached out already in his current position (he's the 7th grade volleyball coach) to help them regardless of pay...whilst Steven has had one of the "hardest" kids in the school quit football only to come back the next day and say he's sorry for what was said and that he'd really like a second chance. The respect that comes from that, that grows in that specific kid (let alone in the school) is something that is not attained from being the TEACHER...for God's sake people...EDUCATE!!!!!!

I know I'm simply rambling..and really off in a passionate tangent that probably doesn't make any sense...oh, and I'm sorry to my international readers, I know your school system is run much differently from ours...but I'm disappointed right now. I'm not sad about the money we're missing out on...I'm sad about the kids and the person that is going to be overseeing them...the person who doesn't care...who just wanted a damn job...

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Computergirl said...

Oh no. Sad to hear that. I hate bureaucracy. I have experienced similar situations, but you just have to pick yourself up and find a new way to do what you want to do. Passions have a way of coming to the surface in a glorious fashion...

Chin up.