Monday, September 28, 2009

The humor in being a girl...

On Sunday afternoon I accompanied my mom, grandma, cousin, and aunt to a play down in Denver. It was called GIRL ONLY. It's a comedy on the various quirks of being a girl. One writer/actor in it is a good friend of our family and so we were able to receive free tickets from her! :) (Thankfully, cause I'm dirt poor and tickets are normally $29.00)

Anywho...the topics they made us laugh about ranged from diary entries when they were 12 years old, to feminine hygeine products and their many uses, to the crazy history of women! It was rather hilarious and honestly worth seeing if you're in the area. They're still trying to get a bid to travel with the show but it's hard to get the right kind of setting.

One particular skit they focused on was about how women throw "showers" for everything. We have parties for babies, for weddings, or everything!!! So they decided to have a spontaneous shower for nothing..and I just happened to be seated in the spotlight spot!!! Making it MY SHOWER! Haha...They stood next to me and sang a silly song and gave me a Little Debbie cake...and popped streamers over my head...and I got to wear a Princess paper crown! WHOOHOO!! It was super embarrassing but that's okay!!! :)

Here's their website: Girls Only

Be sure to check out the photos from the play...there's some hilarious ones!!! :)

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Jackie said...

that sounds like a lot of fun! I'd definitely go see that if they traveled to Boston.