Friday, September 25, 2009

MAC finding....

As I posted in my INS and OUTS post, I've found that I have a MAC eyeshadow!!! How, you ask, did I not know I had one?!?!?! Well, easy as this...I got it as a gift from Steven's mom with some lotions and lipsticks. Well, I'd never really thought about it much..just that it was pink and I never know what to do with I just threw it into my makeup bag...well, I was sifting around this morning looking for something to put on my eyes..and I spotted it...picked it up...and gasped in shock!!! It's says MAC right on top...DUH!!! haha's the eyeshadow that I have...the one and only..
and quite honestly, I don't know what to do with I've just dusted it on my lids and lined my lower lid with it....Does anyone have a better idea?!?!?


Computergirl said...


You could use it as a light base and maybe blend some neutral colours with it- or maybe pinky mauve browns if you have blue eyes.

I have to admit that I am a bit lost with pinks too. Sometime they work, sometimes they dont! I'm sure there are others that can give you a better answer than me!

It might be ok to use as a light blush or even a lip colours if mixed with a bit of gloss.

You'll have to take some pictures of it on!

Kendra said...

Thanks! I'll do some experimenting! :)