Thursday, January 29, 2009

The things you learn....

So its very interesting the things you learn about someone once you begin living with them.

The other night Steven and I were laying in bed. I was super stressed out and said something about it...I waited for his response but it didn't come until about 2 minutes later. That's when he said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't ignoring you. I was praying." I didn't say anything...I was just like wow...that's great!!! :) He rolled over and put his arms around me and we started to talk about why I was stressed and what not...he certainly wasn't ignoring me at all! But, the key here, he prays...that's fantastic.

Aside from that, Roxie, my adopted kitty, is on her way out of this life. For some reason she's not recovering from a bite she received on the base of her tail. The past two days she's been losing her bowels and unable to move very much at all. It's really sad cause she's such a great, sweet cat. This morning I was about to leave and knealt down by the cat carrier and started to pet her head. Her breathing was very short and labored and she didn't move an inch. I rubbed her head and told her that I love her and she let out a little meow. :\ I guess we all have our time.

Then beyond that, Steven and I have a couple puppies that we're adopting in the next 6 weeks. Our friend Eric's dog gave birth to 6 puppies a couple weeks ago, and we've fallen in love with two of them. One (mine) is a little girl with three black spots on her butt and a black tail except for the tip is white. She has black and brown markings on her face and the rest of her is white...well, its turning grey now because they're half black lab and half blue heeler (sp). Her name is Ziona. Steven's is a boy that is mainly covered in big black spots. He too has a fun tail. But he's not turning grey like Ziona. His name is King Tut, but we'll call him Tut. They're both the biggest of the litter right now...and have graced us with their voices already!!! In fact, Tut was laying around growling sooooo cute last night!!! :) We fell in love even more! haha They'll look a bit like the dog posted here when they're grown! :)

As for the rest of my life, I've applied to work as a Merchandiser here at Coca-Cola as well as my job as Route Process Admin. I mentioned something to the Merch managers and they seemed pretty pleased to have me apply. So *cross your fingers* that I get this position and I'll be working the two part time gigs for Coke! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Falling together...

It seems as though everything kind of has its place right now. I wake in the morning next to Steven, get ready for the day (as does he), generally run him into town with me and take him to Eric's where he's semi-productive on his job searching, go to work, then get off work and pick up Steven and head home. Seems like a slight bit of a life...not sure though!

I'm surprised at how comfortable I am with Steven in the house. Things really aren't too cramped...although, it helps that even before he always stayed with now it's just a few extra hours that we're together as well! I just wish he could find a job... :(

Aside from all that, I have found that most of my friends around here are drama-stricken 24/7!!! It's crazy!! Therefore, Steven and I are going to probably take a sabbatical from them. Just some time together...get our lives situated even more and really find OUR center instead of continually helping others from spiraling out of control! We'll see...

I miss my friends :( The ones from HS and college that have all just MOVED AWAY! Maybe it's my turn to move away...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A point of..return?

I've been failing to keep up on posting in here...but I really thinkI need to.

Some sort of outlet needs to happen...

There have been a few changes in my, downs, all arounds...but I think all in all, things are going well!!!

I don't particularly have a starting point to write about right now...I could write about my living situation. Yes, that's what I'll do:

Well, I live in a house...420 sq feet..with two cats and now my boyfriend of 6 weeks. It was never an intention for him to come stay with me, but things out of our control happened within his family and his mom and him had to move from the apartment they were in. His mom now lives with a family friend (or is currently staying with) while my boyfriend stays with me. I'm not sure if this is going to be a permanent thing or just temporary.
His situation alone is cause for concern though. He doesn't work because there aren't any possibilities currently, nor does he have a car because of silly issues he left in California that were supposed to be taken care of. So..he's there...watching movies...all day long. Granted, he does help around the house...but I'm just not sure if that's enough.
My income is a second cause for concern. I make enough to essentially keep myself happy and my bills generally paid. But as for him, I don't know how he eats all day or what...and this just might be a strain with only my income. Hmm...we'll see I suppose.

My biggest concern (beyond those two major ones) is that this is all going to put a strain on such a NEW relationship. I was utterly content living alone but at the same time I didn't want to see him it just kind of happened. The both of us enjoy the same things and definitely live our lives in the same realm of morals/values and whatever. I just don't want to end up tired of being around him someday because he's always there... The last guy I lived with was my ex-husband..and well, look how that turned out!! ha! Again, we'll see...