Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another piercing?!

Well...I'm going today to get my vertical tragus done!! I'm rather excited about this one!! :) Well, I was rather excited about getting my nose and my nipple done too!! But this will be super fun cause it's just an ear piercing...but it's like an "alternative" ear piercing!! Haha...Maybe I'm just a giant nerd?!


Beginning something new....

I find that I get a fair amount of bitching when I post in MySpace..therefore, I think a fix to this is to post in here the odd and potentially depressing thoughts that go on in my mind! We'll see if anyone bitches at me here... *shruggs*

Aside from that, it is indeed 5:04am...I have yet to go to bed... Sarah and I went dancing (normal event) but then we went to IHOP...then to Jr.'s house and sat and watched t.v. for a while with 3 people I didn't ever imagine watching t.v. with while we were all growing up together. Who? you ask... Well, Kyle W., Krista, and Chris S... *shruggs yet again* Well, anyhow...we ended up there for a little while..then we drove home..or well, I drove home rather...and now I'm still up typing away here on the computer!! :)

Umm...Yeah...I saw Jackie's YouTube of her fabulous new home...and I can't lie! I'm super uber duper jealous!!! I wish I had such comfort and ability to be out of good ole Eaton...but I don't...not yet!!! I will get there!!! There's no denying that!!! I MUST!

Okay...I'm doing horribly at this rambling thing I think I'll just end it here...