Thursday, September 10, 2009

Karaoke re-vamp...

Tonight is yet another Karaoke Competition....granted last week, I took first and don't really need to try...but I still need a reworking of my current song list! I'm getting bored...and karaoke should never be boring! My karaoke history has been touch and go and has taken off in the last few months...It goes like this:

Oct 2008- first timer, wouldn't look at the audience, was very scared
Jan 2009- Rockstar of the Month..meaning I beat out 8 other competitors that had qualified for the finals the 3 weeks prior.
Feb 2009- Sang in front of parents..very scary
June 2009- sang at the Stampede at a Comcast fun stage in front of a crowd of people
July 2009- Rockstar of the Month yet again..
Aug 2009- Sang in front of my g'ma and aunts, very nerve-wracking
Sept 2009- Won first weeks Rockstar of the Week competition..qualified for the Rockstar of the Month...

Now I just need a re-vamp...some new songs...expose myself to fun stuff so that I don't keep getting bored...or so it's not so easy for me to win (not trying to have a big head).

My typical songs come from Carrie Underwood , Pat Benatar , Sugarland ,
Melissa Etheridge , Mariah Carey , Toni Braxton , Dixie Chicks , and Faith Hill

Ok, enough of the pictures....but you get the idea!'s what I'm asking...y'all listen to music, everyone does!!! Is there some song that I should try out that you just happen to love and I'm totally missing?!!? I'm open to anything...and the karaoke people have over 100,000 songs..and if they don't have it they can get really, ANYTHING! :) Just, please, let me know! Don't let my karaoke days die! ;)


Ree Ree [] said...

I used to do Karaoke comps all the time..(I have one coming up next weekend - first in like 3 years!)


My particular fav's if your a Pat Benetar fan (I like a bit of the old Rocking) is a bit of Heart:


Or even some Bonnie Tyler for the shits and giggles.

Anyways enjoy! - It's worse singing infront of parents / people you know in comparison to a crowd of strangers isn't it?


Erica said...

I love Sugarland, their my favorite.

Oh and about what your followers want to already know I want to see clothes, LOL and make up maybe. Have a great weekend and good luck!

Kendra said...

I have sang Alone by Heart before..I never perfected it! Maybe I'll bring it back out tonight! :) I've always wanted to learn Barracuda...or Crazy On You...haha! They're good fun and I love to belt!

Good luck on your comp Marie!!! My finals for this month are on the 24th! :)

Erica, I love Sugarland friend Sarah sings Stay and Want To perfectly!!! :) I love singing Just Might (Make Me Believe), it's kind of a song for me and Steven :)