Monday, September 14, 2009

Lookin' through beauty time...

Thanks to a great post by Lydia at .Alice in a New Wonderland I've been inspired to take a look at our changes in beauty over time as far as Miss America (she did hers with Miss Italy)!

1965 Vonda Van Dyke

1977 Dorothy Benham

1985 Susan Akin

1995 Heather Whitestone

2009 Katie Stam

Miss America really hasn't changed a whole lot. They all seem to at least (thankfully) have a some-what curvy body regardless of being thin. I'm happy to see this trend but I see what my friend had posted and realize there's still a specific body type that all pageants are looking for. They want something that is attainable but in general can promote the wrong idea for many many girls.

I, myself, am curvy, but heavy-set. While I would love to be the next Katie Stam, Megan Fox, Jamie Eason, etc, I'm not going to kill myself and trick myself into believing that I am something more than just me! Fact is, I love my body (maybe minus about 10lbs) and I have no lack of care from Steven or other people for who I really, really am! :)


Lyd said...

I kind of felt that Miss America hadn't changed that much. When I was there, everyone told me I was skinny (believe me, I am not) yet had curves in the right places. Someway, I felt that the American population had an healthier epithome of beauty. Although, I realize that most of the times the beauty icons there have gotten cosmetic surgery.

I think there is still a very big difference in the idea of beauty that your national pegeant propose, and the one that magazines, ads and designers propose themselves. If you look at adds by Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, or even Baby Phat's runaways you will find the European stereotype. (and isn't it funny how Kimora Lee wants her models to be anorexic like, but she seems to be eating a lot more than them? Poor girls, dont let them starve!).

Kendra said...

Oh definitely! There's a huge difference between our pageant looks and our runways! Sadly, more people see the "runway" look at the proper way to be! It's unfortunate, really...

And Kimora...she certainly makes me laugh! :)