Monday, November 30, 2009

Parties, 14 weeks, and chemo...

Friday went well...the whole group pretty much smokes so they spent a majority of the time out in the garage while I just hung out inside. I really didn't mind, it gave me a chance to just relax a bit.

TODAY...I'm officially into the 2nd trimester...14 weeks!! I'm so excited! I just hope the rest of the time goes fast now...haha

Yesterday we found out that one of our friends who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is already in stage 4 and has started chemotherapy. Its really too bad that they caught it so late and it had already spread. She's so her late 30's...and has kids at home...I just hope the chemo at least slows it all down for her! Sadly, one of her kidneys has already shut down...not a good sign...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday...

I'm so happy that I don't partake in the craziness that is "Black Friday"...there are, seriously, some scary events that go on out there! I don't understand how people can go so bat-crazy over deals...

I guess I just look at things as I'll get what I want at regular price like a week before Christmas because I've saved the money for it and it'll mean more! I don't know...just don't understand BLACK FRIDAY!

My Thanksgiving was enjoyable. We had a houseful of people at my mom's house...complete with laughter, full tummies, and naps! Oh, and don't forget football...where the Denver Bronco's have temporarily redeemed themselves!!! THANK GOODNESS!

Tonight, we're heading down to Denver for Steven's cousin's birthday party, get together thing! I, honestly, can't wait!!! I love his family and always have a GREAT time around them! Granted we haven't seen most of them since January...and I was super new to the whole thing because we'd only been together for a month! haha but now we're approaching a year and so I think I'm more a "keeper" now! haha (at least I hope!)

Anywho, Pandora is playing Carrie Underwood's new CD and I'm pretty sure I WILL buy it very soon because I love all the songs I've heard already! AND, well, I just love her..haha

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do you ever get those moments when everything just stops in your racing brain and you realize what's really going on around you?!?!

Today has been one of those days...

  • I have a friend struggling with her family life and I can't shed enough advice to her to make her feel better....
  • My "mother-in-law" is stressing out majorly and taking it out on Steven for no reason...making his life pretty much a living hell...
  • My entire dad's side of the family has had ONE reaction to me being pregnant...and that is "oh my..."
  • I'm starving...and not in the "shoot-I-forgot-to-eat-breakfast" way, but in the fact that we have zero money to really buy good food and are living off potatoes...
I'm not really sure what to do...

Pretty lost in my thoughts today...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yada yada yada...

So, Sorry...I know..everything has been far too deep for people to really relate to in the past few, lets get quirky Kendra back out for once!!! :)

How about a few IN's and OUT's...haven't done that in a while!

  • Mom bought me a Graco Pack N Play for baby!! It's a bassinet, playpen, and changing station all in one!
  • Steven shaved his head again! He's bald as all bald can be like when I met him! It's one of those...crazy, sexy things...haha, not that I didn't like him with hair! I'll have to post some pics in the next couple days so y'all can see the difference! (Maybe vote on which is better!)
  • I'm eating a delicious fudge brownie!!! YUMMY!
  • I'm 13 weeks pregnant today...means one..more...stinkin...week...and I'll be out of the first trimester officially!!! So, super excited about have no idea! haha
  • We're going to Denver this friday to hang out with a bunch of Steven's family! I haven't seen them since January and I had so much fun last time we were all together!

Ok, I think that'll do for some IN'


  • The stinkin' acid reflux I'm having ALLLLL day today!
  • My sciatic nerve ALREADY acting up! Makes my right hip hurt soooo bad!
  • Still being poor...but hey, what'cha gonna do!?
  • The wind blowing today like crazy...I love the cool weather...the snow...but I hate, hate, HATE the wind!

Alrighty, I'm soooo glad my IN's outweight my OUT's...haha..that's nice! :)

Wanna know something I super, duper excited about?!?!!??! THANKSGIVING....Are you kidding me..any reason to get together with family and eat massive amounts of mashed potatoes and stuffing gets an A+ in my book!!! OMG...I'm salavating just thinking about it...haha

On that note, here's a blog I read today that is a MUST READ...I'm not kidding you...if you've ever felt like your body just ticks you off...then please please please read it! THANKS!

Body Love by Ex Hot Girl

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My path...revisited...

Did you ever start your high school career or college career with a definite plan...something to follow...a path only to have it COMPLETELY change in the course of a few years??? I certainly have...and I'm sitting inside...working the same mindless job for nearly 3 years...asking myself, "Where in the f*$# did my plan go?!"


Freshman year of HS:
  1. Go through 4 years of math class
  2. Keep my grades up
  3. Be active in music
  4. Go to college

Freshman year of College:

  1. Get teaching degree
  2. Join clubs
  3. Experience all there is to have
  4. Travel lets revisit what ACTUALLY happened:

  1. 4 years of math (go me)...except 2nd semester senior year I told the teacher that I just didn't get it..but I still was AP Calculus
  2. I'm pretty sure my GPA went to poo my freshman year because I got a few D's and C's
  3. I was certainly active in, choir, band camp, honor bands and choirs, etc
  4. Well, I went to college...not where I wanted...but I went...


  1. Started out with a teaching emphasis...first in Elementary, then secondary, then completely changed to Computer Aided Drafting..hmm....
  2. I was in a band at my 3rd college for a semester...hated it...
  3. Ha, experience all there is?! I had a boyfriend...who didn't do much my freshman year...then I didn't have friends...then I was yeah...I didn't do a whole lot...minus #4
  4. I did study abroad in Ireland...which was FANTASTIC! But well, 1 semester out of 6 doesn't really count as experiencing all there is to have...


Well, with a baby on the way, I'm kind of thinking of the things that I haven't done that I really would like to do, at this point, I'm creating a new path for my life to work on...more of a GOAL than a true path...because paths always change...


GOAL: I shall finish a degree in something (I was thinking of going to IBMC and being a medical assistant) and I will show my child what it is like to have family vacations and the joys of travel.

I want these two things so bad. I can't even explain it. I love to learn and see things in life...I want that instilled in my child like it was in me when I was growing up!

*sigh* I think it's time for me to reflect in my head and get some stinkin' work done here!! haha

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photographs and what my blog really is...

First off, a couple of y'all commented on my last post with very positive thoughts on the photographs I'd attached. Both my grandpa (the one in the photo) and my uncle are successful photojournalists. They're amazing...I can only wish to be as good as they are; to see the world the way they do! Here's links to their stuff so you can experience their world's:

Kevin Moloney (uncle)
BLOG: Perfesser Kev
WEBSITE: Kevin Moloney

Paul Moloney (grandpa)
BLOG: Wondering, Wandering Photographer
WEBSITE: Paul Moloney

I hope y'all enjoy!

Secondly, I read this wonderful blog post by one of my favorites, This Little Girl Dreams, titled My Love where she talked about her love of writing and then ultimately the purpose of her blog in general. It's a beautiful post and has really made me stop and think what I actually started this blog for. I have 2 other blogs that lay dormat now because I've lost interest in the past few months and have simply focused on this one. One blog talks about my battles with Chronic Urticaria and is ultimately a journal of what I've eaten, done, experienced, etc for each day so that I can keep track. The second is, or was, supposed to be about my writings, styling, design, etc that I could share...but I lost my muse somewhere along the road.

Sooo, at this point, why am I even bothering having more than one blog...what's wrong with just simply writing WHATEVER I want in this one??!! I think I shall...

I never thought I'd have 13 followers like I do...really, I only thought maybe a couple good friends would be my followers and that was that...but now, it's booming..well, not BOOMING but it's certainly nice to see that other people care what goes on in my life! :)

On that note, I'll leave you today with the knowledge that I'm sitting here in my office with a surgical/painting mask on because they're working on our roof and the fumes are ridiculous!!! Within an hour I had a headache and my chest hurt...sorry, but my baby is NOT breathing this stuff!!! So, I look LOVELY! :) Oh the things we do for our children! ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

E-mail success and health!

Well, the e-mail went FANTASTIC!! In fact, what my g'pa wrote back was moving!! Apparently they were up in my area yesterday for a funeral, then came home to find my e-mail stating that I was bringing a new life into the world...which totally reversed their sad feelings into happy ones!! He went on to reminisce about when I was 1 1/2 and he was 54. He was recovering from a heart surgery and we were walking together, hand in hand, up the front walk at his house walking like a couple of drunken sailors! :) GREAT e-mail...

Now, as far as my doctor's appointment, everything was just blood pressure right where it should be, no diabetes or any threat of it, my iron is even good (considering I don't eat much meat)...everything was good! :)

Then she brought out the doppler machine to find the heartbeat...within 20 seconds we heard the fast beating of the heart and a smile streaked across my face! We heard it for a few seconds and the baby moved so we had to find it again..and it was still there..strong as ever! It was fantastic!!! :)

Next appointment is a month away!

As an addition...I found a couple wonderful pictures of my be honest, I've never felt closer to them as I do right now...when I was born they still had a 12 year old at home, so I'm not sure they were ready to be grandparents...but I think this baby will help to close the gap we've had for so long! Both photos are taken by my extremely talented uncle, Kevin Moloney.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow and heartbeats...

Well, it snowed... a lot! haha Friday it let up...but Saturday night we got pounded!!! About 6 inches...which luckily melted off the roads on Sunday and we were left with a wonderful, winter look!

As my dad stated, it was a "Norman Rockwell snow" wind...means no drifts...just tons of snow piling up!!! LOVED IT!

Steven did get his tattoo finished..and I'm not really a color fan, but it looks pretty cool!

Tomorrow, I have another doc's appointment...its just another prenatal check up but I'll probably be hearing the heartbeat for the first time (I hope)!!! :)

I e-mailed my grandpa today. I was going to wait and tell everyone on Thanksgiving next week but I have no idea how to break the I figured the easiest thing to do is e-mail my grandpa and let him gossip! haha...haven't gotten an e-mail back from him yet...but hopefully he's very excited about it. I know the only problem they'll have is that Steven and I aren't married..but really, we don't want to be.. We've both done that already and don't feel its necessary for our family success! Guess we'll see what comes of this...

Friday, November 13, 2009



It's snowing again..a lot...

I love the snow! haha :)

I think Steven is getting his tattoo finished tonight WHOOHOOO! And we'll probably spend the weekend "nesting"...cause, yes, I'm nesting like a crazy woman and it's driving me nuts that he won't let me move furniture around by myself!! haha

Hmm...nothing sorry...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Terrible, hormonal monster!!!!


Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

I just had a moment where I want to vent because I hate, I mean HATE, when these things happen to me lately!!

Again, my co-worker, great as she is, and I really don't think she realizes that these things happen...but she was telling me about another of our co-workers who just found out that he and his wife are having another baby! They weren't trying so they're pretty excited about it just being meant to be...but anyways...original co-worker is the one adopting...she's talking to me about things...and says this, "Then Monroe would have a friend :)" (Monroe is her little girl's name and she was referring to the new baby from other co-worker)...well, what about my baby?!?!?!??!!? Am I just chopped liver in this workplace excitement?!?!?!

UGH...I just wish that a couple of my friends could be honestly happy for me...but they let their pride or something get in the way...

I think I might cry...stupid hormones!

Okay okay...enough wallowing self-pity! I know y'all are tired of that garbage!


In the spur of the moment, I was laying on the bed while Steven was doing his hair for his "Wolverine" look and I didn't have a clue what I was going to be that evening. I saw his jersey's hanging there...and thought...why not be a football player?? Well, ran the idea past Steven and it developed into me being his football alias "Merv Jackson"...haha (that's a whole different story) anyways..I was my own boyfriend for Halloween!

I wish I had e-mailed myself the picture of Steven and I together so that you can see how much he really does look like "Wolverine"...maybe tomorrow! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Forgive me...

So sorry for not posting in forever!!! I do have pictures from Halloween to post..and probably a few things I could talk about...

But I've just been soooooo super exhausted lately...I'm just a zombie!!! So...sorry :(

Please don't forget about me!?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Next baby pic...

Well, before we get to the more exciting baby pic portion of this post. I want to tell you about my Paranormal Activity experience. It was a good movie...I just wish I could get scared much easier..then I would have been shaking my arms around like the poor girl next to me! ha :) I was, though, the proud owner of a nightmare the next evening! haha I dreamt that my cat was the demon and that she was going to attack me...well, then I woke up and she was laying next to I couldn't get back to sleep! Go figure!

Pregnancy + Scary movie = terrible dreams!!

Okay okay, so also on Friday we went to our ultrasound to measure everything...and, just like I feared, they said I wasn't as far along as I thought. They moved my due date back 10 days. It's not a whole bunch, thankfully, but still counts! Soooo..Due May 31, 2010...and here's our little teddy bear:

OH!!! I'm so happy to see that I have yet another follower!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR JOINING ME ON THIS JOURNEY CALLED LIFE!

One last thing to cover, the dear Emma at Computergirl Musings gave me a wonderful blog award. I'm terrible at these things as of late...but I wanted to acknowledge the fact that she thought of me!!! :)