Thursday, October 29, 2009

My own SNOW picture! :) And other stuff...

Well, like I said yesterday, I wanted to post a snow picture of my own. Well, I took one this morning of our bench on the back porch. We have nothing to the north of us so we're riddled with many, many drifts and our snow just doesn't stay very pretty. So, this is the best I could do with our landscape!

It's a little blurry cause I didn't want to open the door and we'd been taking showers so the window was all fogged up! haha

Right now, the wind is just blowing in typical Northern Colorado fashion and causing ice on the roads and super chilly temperatures!

OK...other stuff...tomorrow is my ultrasound to measure everything!!! I'm excited to know for sure all the facts and what not..especially knowing much more accurately my due date.

It being Halloween weekend, there's a plethora of parties going on. I don't have a costume and I'll probably just do like last year and wear dark make up and be me! Friday night, I think we're going to maybe brave the weather and head back to the CORN MAiZE and then go see "Paranormal Activity"!!! HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS??? I'm pretty excited about it! :)

Saturday, we do have a wedding to go to and they conveniently scheduled it for 6:15 in the evening!!! I guess I shouldn't complain, it's their special day and I've known the girl my whole life so I'd better be there...but just doesn't make sense on Halloween...Oh well! After we enjoy a bit of their festivities, we'll probably head over the usual spot in town and party it up with our bar friends!! "Bar friends" sounds kind of bad...but they're really great people, we just know them from there...

Alrighty, I think that's enough mumbo-jumbo right now and I have a big bowl of noodles with butter, garlic, and pepper waiting for me!!! YUMMY!!!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, living in Colorado warrants the wonderful winter wonderland that everyone tends to dream about...and today, we're living in it! Well, the makings of it! It's snowing like mad and being in the country means snow drifts and ice! Ha! We have nothing to the north of us so we're going to be stuck working our way OUT of our house...oh joy!!!

From taken by fastdriving CAN YOU SEE THE DEER?

Its not all mountain-y and we don't have deer wandering around in my area...but I thought that was one of the better pics I've seen today. Hopefully, I'll be able to post an actual picture from my house tomorrow! ;)

Now to move onto a better topic, a blogger that I follow mentioned writing in a blog as a type of "free therapy"...she's right (do check out her blog too
Ex Hot Girl). I've sort of been contemplating the true meaning of my blog...the reason that I tend to write at least 3-4 times a week...So.."Kendra, why do you blog??"

I blog because, well simply, I live in the 21st century and hardly anyone keeps an actual journal anymore. It's much, much easier to just sit at the computer and type out your thoughts as they come flowing to you.
But really, blogging for me is about venting. The word venting doesn't have to come across as a negative thing. I vent happy things too...
Sometimes I blog to just find a way to say things in real life too. If I "vent" them and they sound good, then I'm able to say them to the intended person and things just go a little's like premeditated conversation!

Ok, in the midst of my rambling I've kind of lost some gusto...I think it's the hormonal headaches that I've had for 5 days straight now...ugh, darn those hormones!

Til next time...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I do want to say a huge, ginormous THANK YOU to my 2 new followers and the 9 that remain unchanged!!!

Hope I can keep blogger happiness for everyone! :)

First Prenatal Appointment...

Well, this morning I had a plethora of tests done on me in order to get the ball rolling with my pregnancy! They took 4 viles of blood, gave me the H1N1 shot, did a TB test, and the whole works on a physical exam!! Needless to say, I'm a bit drained right now...

On Friday, I have another ultrasound appointment to see the size of the baby and make a definite prediction on how far along I am.

THEN, in 2 weeks, I have another prenatal appointment but it shouldn't be all inclusive like this first one was. I really didn't know what to expect this time...actually, I really don't the next time either..but oh well!! Nothing bothers me! :) for another U/S pic that hopefully looks much more like a baby instead of a lima bean! :)

Aside from that, I forgot to mention that on Saturday my mom and I went shopping. I did get a few goodies from Victoria's Secret and my mom bought me some maternity clothes!

From VS:
~~Wet/Dry eyeshadow in Plum Crazy and Bronzinger
~~Beauty Rush fat glittery liner...that I don't know the color of..haha
~~2 of my FAVORITE mascara: Beauty Rush in black

I also got a few pairs of panties ;)

As far as maternity wear, I got a great dress from Target
It's a very versitle piece..and I can remove the scarf to accessorize how I want.

Then from Ross we found a couple pieces for a great price! A pair of jeans and a super cute shirt...that I'm actually wearing today! haha

Then a staple pair of black pants!

All in all, it was good...and did plenty of walking to keep myself active for that day at least! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ultrasound PIC!!!

Sorry sorry Jaqi! I didn't mean to get your hopes all up and then not post a picture! it is!!! :)

Tomorrow is my first actual prenatal appointment at the doctor's office. I really don't know what they'll do or what to expect! So I'm kind of nervous...

I have had a headache for 4 days now so I'm hoping that they can shed some light on that for me! I really don't want to deal with having migraines for the next 7 months!

Let me know what you think of our little Deus Ward or Marlee Monroe! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First ultrasound...

I'd like to be posting a picture along with this...maybe tomorrow...

But I had my first ultrasound today. It wasn't anything super inclusive but I got to see the baby and the little, flickering heartbeat! :) They said the heartbeat is around 165 beats per minute and the normal range is all is good there! It is also said that the higher the beats the more likely its a girl...don't know how true that is..but I guess we'll see someday! :)

We were able to print out pictures of the u/s with "Hi Mom and Dad", "Hi Grandma and Grandpa", and "Hi Grandma" printed on them to keep and give to my parents and Steven's mom! :)

Sooo...another step toward this really sinking in. I mean, it did a lot more today...but I'm still like..."whoa...there's a 2nd heartbeating inside of me..." Not sure how to take that...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maternity outfit...

Well, in light of the situation I'm in, I figured I'd do some outfit-puttin-together...haha...Here's something I'd love to wear this winter!

What'cha think!?

Test # 3...Meetings meetings meetings...

This morning we took a trip to the Pregnancy Resource Center. In order to get on Medicaid, I need some "proof of pregnancy" paperwork. So, we had to hit the center and do another test. I laughed because Steven stayed downstairs (he has bad knees and we already know it's positive) while I went up to do it and talk with the girl. There was another couple sitting in the front room and the guy was like "Why do you go too???" And when Steven finally explained that we already know that I am pregnant and that we're just getting it all verified for Medicaid they understood but the guy did say, "Man, I just thought you were a big jerk!" HAHAHAHHAHA...Goodness...

But anywho...Test #3 came out POSITIVE...not that I really had doubts but it was still in the back of my mind that maybe, just maybe, I wasn't pregnant anymore or the first two tests lied...I don't know...crazy talk!

Soooo...tomorrow, I have my meeting with the health department at 10:15am...but I was supposed to have my "proof" papers then...I can't get them until 1pm tomorrow when I got into the resource center for an ULTRASOUND and to do the whatever..I'll probably end up going back to the health department to talk to them again!! Whew...then I'll have to come to work late and blah blah blah...gonna be a long day!

Soo...I guess I'll leave you with a picture of what my baby is "supposed" to look like right now...I'm 9-10 weeks somewhere between these two pics...

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Somebody has a case of the Monday's.."

Yep, it's me!!! I'm grumpy, tired, cold, hungry, and just all-in-all worn out today! I don't want to be at work...and I certainly don't want to be here until 6:30pm!!!

Wednesday I have a meeting with the Prenatal Coordinator with the health department. She's going to set us up with Medicaid and get us all straight away with doctors and what not...should be good. I'm looking forward to getting the ball rolling!

**yawn** I'm about to turn out the light in my office and sleep on the floor!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Favorites...

I must admit I've been far too self-centered to really blog about anything that people might want to read! Ha! It's just been a mess of woe-is-me...people I'm pregnant!!! What a bunch of poo!!!

So, in the spirit of that what-not, here's a blog talking about a few favorites...and by favorites I mean, favorite blogs...These people I ultimately have, I mean HAVE, to read each day (pending they've posted) because it just brightens my afternoon!

**Drum roll**

Marie at Marie Loves...The Obsessions of a Shopaholic.... This girl...she's got such, well to be totally honest, undeniable humor in every word she writes!! I can't get enough! It doesn't matter what she's posted about (because honestly, I'm kind of picky somedays and don't read every blog I follow just the ones that seem interesting) and I'll read her blog. I just want to hear in my head the way she talks! Ha..that's silly! But ultimately true! Not to mention she's got this 80's look to her that you actually don't mind seeing! Being not a fan of the whole 80's thing (not dogging on anyone who is), I'm almost afraid of the way some people are. But Marie, oh Marie, she's just great! haha CHECK THIS GIRL OUT!

Natalya at Natalya's Beauty Blog-FilthyGorgeousMakeup. Really, the biggest reason I love to read her blog is because she's GORGEOUS!!! I say this in the "I'm not a creeper" way...she honestly is that beauty that so many girls would covet...BUT, in the same sense, she's truthfully down-to-earth and seems like a sweetheart! When it comes to her makeup she has a great adventurous side that I certainly admire! Really makes me want to have a bit more talented in the makeup department! :)

Jenn at Ex Hot Girl. Don't be fooled by her blog title...regardless of this girl's personal image she's a great lookin' gal! :) She, like Marie, has that bluntness to her that'll make you smile no matter what you're mood might be! She talks a lot about her life and mainly weight-loss journey, but in a way that you can totally relate! Not to mention, she has a great TMI Thursday post idea that will have you rolling every week! Along with this blog she also had a fun Bloggerhood of the Traveling Not So Fat Pants blog that chronicles a few gals taking over some pairs of her jeans in order to promote weight-loss! Humorous for sure! ALSO, she's a photographer...and a brilliant one at that...check out her work on this blog: JBe Photography

Jaqi at Jaqi Zoo. Now this girl, she doesn't post too often due to a very busy schedule, but she's one of my dearest friends...we've known each other for nearly 10 years now and I really miss her bum since she moved across the country! I love how creative this gal has gotten recently. She's taken up the wonderful world of knitting...I believe that's right...and is certainly 10 billion times better at it than I have ever been! :) I get way too overly excited whenever she posts or comments on my blog...haha...its really ridiculous honestly! Just can't get enough of my Jack-Attack!! *sigh* Speaking of...when's you're next trip to Colorado?!?! I know, I know, I owe you like 50 trips to Boston...will do that someday... :)

Alrighty, I've limited myself to 4 right now. I do read other blogs, and have an extensive following list...believe me, I don't follow if I don't read!! So, please don't be offended if I didn't mention you above...I'm not ignoring you or don't love you any less than these gals!!! PROMISE! :)

On that note, I'm "Audi"...haha (just watched Clueless a couple days back)! Sooo glad it's FRIDAY!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, no its.....a 6 year old???

When my friend mentioned this article and happening today, I was kind of like...WTF are you talking about?! But then I read the article...and my jaw dropped to the floor. I've now wound my jaw back up to its normal position and am laughing my butt off!! I can't believe this is happening right above me now!!! Some people's kids! READ AWAY: (I posted a picture at the end)

LARIMER COUNTY - Officials in Larimer County have been actively searching for hours for a child who literally floated away from his family's home on an experimental aircraft at 11 a.m. Thursday.

According to the Larimer County Sheriff's Department, the 6-year-old boy's parents had been building an experimental aircraft which had a large helium balloon attached at their home on Fossil Ridge Road in Fort Collins.

On Thursday morning, according to the family and officials, the boy got onto the aircraft and detached the rope holding it in place.

The aircraft is described by the sheriff's office as a dome-shaped, 20 foot, 5 foot aircraft covered with foil.

Viewer Lisa Eklund sent photos of an aircraft in the air near her home on Saturn Drive, also in Fort Collins.

The Federal Aviation Administration is working to track the aircraft on its radar tower and has notified the Denver International Airport.

Shortly after noon, the Weld County Sheriff's Office said the boy was seen two miles south of Evans, near County Road 46 and Highway 85. Sky9 is now helping track the aircraft which is said to be traveling at least 25 miles per hour.

Closer to 1 p.m., the aircraft was listed as near Hudson.

Officials all over northern Colorado are preparing crews should the aircraft land. Additionally, the National Gaurd has launched a helicopter to assist with rescue efforts.

Aviation Expert Greg Feith spoke to 9NEWS about the process of rescuing the boy.

"It is an unusual event and the big thing now is trying to get that child down from this balloon. It's all going to depend on of course the environment. It's windy outside so it's going to keep it adrift for quite a while. The helium, depending on the size of this thing, if it ran into very cold air, it may help it come down as you know if you let a helium balloon go the higher it gets it'll stagnate only because of the cold air," Feith said.

Feith added that without knowing the structural integrity of the aircraft it is difficult to know how it will withstand any turbulence.

"The other key here is the structural integrity. Not knowing how it's constructed and given the fact that we do have these wind conditions which of course create turbulence we don't know how much turbulence this airship, if you will, can actually withstand so there's a lot of external factors here," he added.

Feith says the military will likely be needed to help with this rescue effort as they are familiar with creative uses of aircrafts to rescue soldiers from difficult locations.

"In the past [the military has] launched helium balloons to pull guys out of the woods when they've been shot down. Other than that I think they're going to have to let the forces of nature and hopefully a lot of luck bring this airship down safely."

9NEWS Weather Anchor Marty Coniglio, who is also a pilot, also discussed the rescue effort on 9NEWS at Noon.

"It's a clear day... we don't have horrible winds. I'm sure it's frightening for the child but we have what we think is a wind basically out of the northwest at about 15-25 m.p.h., it depends on your altitude," he said.

Sky9 is working with Weld County officials to track the aircraft from the air.

The boy's father Richard Henne is a known storm chaser. During an apperance on the television program WifeSwap, Henne and his wife, Mayumi, focused on their love of science.

9NEWS will continue to follow this story and provide updates on and 9NEWS at 4, 5 and 6 p.m.

All information from

***EDIT***They've landed it now just Northwest of DIA...but the boy isn't in it....they have no idea where he is now... :(

***EDIT 2***The darn boy wasn't even in the aircraft the whole time!!!!! Shortly after 4pm they found him hiding in a box in the family's garage attic!!! I'm sorry, but that kid would be in soooooooo much trouble! haha Glad he's okay though!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fatigue...and Oatmeal...

So, just like every single 8 week newsletter says, I'm exhausted...suffering from fatigue and just overall wanting to sleep allllll the time!

Poo...wish this was me:

I think I'll go home and take an oatmeal candle light...with some tea... it time to go home yet?!

Monday, October 12, 2009



I'm not really sure what to think about this vehicle....for all you fellow car folk out there...this is a bit appalling!

Am I just hormonal?!?!?! further development with the bitchy co-worker...I'm finding myself in a tough spot...not sure if it's hormones governing my thoughts or if these are really valid?! Someone HELP!!!

That same bitchy co-worker is in the process of adopting a baby in place of not being able to conceive. She's going through a private adoption...and the baby will be born in February. She already knows it's a girl..which causes some mixed feelings right there (will talk about in a min)...and is constantly talking to me about it.

Now, where my craziness comes into play is that I'm uber frustrated with her always telling me things like "Our daugther's going to be cute though...all of her kids have red hair and bright blue eyes." or "I need not be so hard on my self. I am so afraid she is going to change her mind...ugh. Need to focus on positive karma."...Now I have no problem talking her through the positive thinking and reminding her that she must stay calm and collected through it...but in the same breath, I don't need to hear things like the first quote...I don't want to think about it that much right now because it hurts hurts that she can say those things to me...but I have to watch what I say!!! That she never asks me how I am doing!!!!

I don't know...again, maybe I'm just being hormonal...

Okay, for the other thing...since they know it's a girl...then she already calls the baby Monroe...which is what they're naming her....but that's the name Steven and I want for our little girl....soooooo...if we have a girl too..they will both be Monroe...and I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about that... My heart kind of sank last week when I found out...

*sigh* Any help...from anyone??? Am I just crazy????

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What did I do!?

Why do people find some way, in all their own life's stresses, to just tear me down!?

My co-worker...while I understand far too well her situation...decided to rip into me today about how she thinks my situation is wrong and how if she were me she wouldn't be pregnant and that it's wrong of me to get government assistance...blah blah blah...

Anyways, here's the true breakdown of me vs her right now:

~~Applying for Medicaid...yes, its tax payers money paying for all the things I'll need, but I don't work enough hours to get my companies health insurance and other outside insurance is far too expensive.

**In her situation, she's worked for our company for 9 years...meaning she doesn't know what its like to struggle to pay when you're super sick...

~~Living in a small, rented house with Steven, our two dogs, and my cat.

**She owns her own 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home and two brand new cars with her husband and 3 dogs

~~I'm very much in debt and live paycheck to paycheck because I don't have much assistance and am working my butt off to pay as much as I can off in a timely fashion.

**She keeps a minimum amount in her bank account and her parents helped her pay off all her debt years ago...

NOW..I HATE talking about her like this...she and her husband have been trying for over a year now via fertility drugs and everything...and in the meantime, I've just been here! But when I WAS married we tried for a year and I really do know where she's been but I've never once talked bad about the things she's confided in me...

BUT, here I am...getting ripped completely apart because I'm in a tough spot as it is and now I have an unplanned pregnancy to deal with....well, in all honesty, I'm so happy about it that the stress doesn't even tear me down anymore...Maybe I'm just crazy and being a total bitch posting this..but I was sooo hurt earlier...

She told me things like, "I would get rid of the dogs"...."I don't agree with your situation, it's bad timing"...."Your man isn't working so how are you supposed to provide"...blah blah blah blah....


THEN...I called Steven to tell him what happened and so he texted her to let her know that he doesn't appreciate her tearing us down like that....needless to say, once she came back to work I got this screamed at me, "Tell Merv to stop fucking texting me or I'll file harrassment charges on him!"


Fuck people today :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The tests and my parents...

Here's a pic of the tests for verifications sake...and for my own "scrap booking" purposes! :)
The picture is terrible! I was taking it in a rush on my bathroom rug before Steven walked in and thought I was a crazy woman!!! haha :)

Telling my parents last night didn't go quite as rough as I thought it might. We walked in the door just as they were heading downstairs to relax and I asked them to both come up...I handed a little card to my mom that said "Imagine where they'll go" on the front with baby feet and "Congratulations" on the inside. We had both signed it. She read it, gasped, and said, "you're going to have a baby?!"

I told her dad didn't say anything...he just stood on the stairs and looked at us...I smiled at him and he kept a grin on his face.

My mom asked the obvious questions, "So where are you going to put a baby?" and "What about health care?" My answers: "We'll put Ziona with Hercules in his kennel and we'll put the baby in her kennel!" hahahahha j/k and "I'll apply for Medicaid"

We weren't there for more than 10 minutes...and that was harm done!

NOW...I'm sicker than the dickens!!! Morning sickness 24/7!!! I'm not enjoying this part at all...except that it's obvious this pregnancy is sticking because my hormones keep screwing up my body!!! Bleck!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Super important, private info, that i HAVE to share...

Haha, okay okay, so I only have 9 followers..and whilst I adore all of you, only 2 of you actually know people that I know that shouldn't know this information quite yet...does that make sense??!?!? ANYWAYS...Jaqi, Andrea...don't spread the word, k!?

BUT...I have to blog this...HAVE TO!

I've been rather ill feeling for a couple weeks now...and I'd known that my "Aunt Flo" was right around the corner so I just figured that was it...that I was just feeling ill from that....

Well, after being 2 weeks late and feeling like poo the whole time, I decided to take a couple tests...pregnancy tests that is...(in case it wasn't obvious)!

Well, Friday night before we went out and before any tests, I started to spot a little...both Steven and I were SUPER disappointed thinking that my "Aunt Flo" had come finally! Well, then it we went to the store and got tests...

Since hormone levels are highest in the mornings, I waited to take test #1 on Saturday morning....did so...and well, 3 long minutes later, POSITIVE... :)

We got Dorothy (Steven's mom) a #1 Grandma mug to break the news to her...and she was sooo happy!!

Sunday morning...test #2....3 more long minutes...POSITIVE!!! :)

Wellllll....2 positive tests later...we've bought my parents a card and are hoping to break the news to them tonight...I'm super nervous about it...but we'll see...

Needless to say, right now, I'm sick to my stomach, tired, and 6-7 weeks pregnant! hahaha


NOW, like I said before...I should wait to put this out in public domain...but I needed to write about it...soo...don't say anything...I need to get through my first trimester before the whole world knows....

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm currently watching the last 3 outs of this game in order to solidify the Rockies spot in the out down!!!

Lets keep watching...


OI...base hit...



STRIKE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROCKIES WIN 9-2!!!!!!! YAY!!! I'm so excited I could cry!!!!

Snoring dogs and baseball...

Hercules...God love that dog!!! He's fantastic and on a whim last night, Steven and I decided to let him sleep with us in our bed. Now, mind you, we have a queen size bed and we're not small people. Add in a large dog and a's awfully cramped!!! BUT it was so great!!! Hercules is wonderful about laying down and holding still although he gets stretching modes and at various points either one of us was getting a paw to the throat...oh well!!! Sadly, I could hardly breathe all night and this morning I feel like I have fleas because I'm itching so much!!! I think I'm slightly allergic :( Soooo, on that note, Hercules won't be able to sleep with us anymore...but that one night was fun!

Aside from that, we're entering what we hope to be (crosses fingers) another ROCKTOBER!!! WTF!? You ask...Well, in Colorado we have our baseball team the Rockies...and two years back they entered into a wonderful streak of games in the month of October...coining the term "Rocktober". Well, it being Oct 1st, they are playing the game to clinch a playoff spot...

Sooo...lets have it!