Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love this man...

Once Steven received his first paycheck he was quick to show me how appreciative he's been for the past 5 months with me taking care of him so well! He showed up to my work last Friday with a dozen pink roses and a card! :) He stated many times this weekend how his money is our money and how he wants to take care of me...Thank goodness for a true man and an outstanding person in general!

Here's the flowers:

And the HUGE blooms up close:

Here's a great pic of Steven:

And one of me:

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've created my own website...not sure where I'll go with it so it's really basic right now...but it's been fun building it the past few hours...

TAG: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Me

What made you choose your blog/Twitter/YouTube username?
I'm not sure I really know who I am in particular. But that's not a bad thing. I enjoy learning far too much to just be one way...I want to grow and learn throughout my entire life!

What's your actual name?
Kendra Ann Payne

Do you have any nicknames?
Kenny, Kender, Payne, Boob (good ole Steven), Babe

Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?
I love to watch movies and read books. I enjoy spending quality time just relaxing outside...taking walks...reading outdoors...camping...etc.

What do you do?
I'm the Route Process Admin/Cashier for Coca-Cola here in Greeley, Colorado. It's an easy job with a big title...and I love it! :)

What would you like to do?
Ideally, I'd like to eventually work in counseling somehow..somewhere. I'll more than likely end up going back to school for such a thing...but that's okay. I'd also love to publish a book...

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?
Not gonna lie, I like to pick my nose! haha :) I never do it in public..and I always get the gunk into the garbage! :) I've never really been able to blow my nose...its just a skill that I never mastered growing I've always been a picker...with the finger...with a doesn't matter...just works better for me! :)

Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you
I've always been told that my eyes look exactly like my grandpa's. He died a week before I was I like to imagine that I was given them from him and that makes me cherish the things I see so much more!

What achievement are you most proud of?
Being able to study abroad in Ireland and travel to Paris and Rome. Its just something that a girl from my small town wouldn't really imagine doing at any point in her life.

What do you most like about yourself?
I like that I'm generally easy going. I'm good with hanging out with the girls and I'm definitely one of the guys too...I'm not afraid to say it how it is...but at the same time I can be supportive to people when they need it.

What would you change about yourself if you could?
I'm in the process of bettering my physical health. I don't necessarily want to be thinner...I just want to be healthier...if that stems into a lower weight..then wonderful..if not, then it's okay! :)

If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?

Now I tag anyone who reads this to do the same survey! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2-year plan...

Looks like Steven and I might have things figured out. We're going to spend the next two years getting things all in order and bills paid. Then we're going to move to Cali where his kids are! I'm pretty excited about this prospect and I hope it all does come true. I guess only time will tell! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's never going to stop...

So why is it that good things are always coupled with bad things in my life?!

DUI = revoked license
Possible restricted license = only with interlock system installed
Steven gets a job = find out interlock is another expense we have to pay
Have a good night out with two couples and karaoke = car window shattered and my wallet stolen
Money borrowed so Steven can get his license reinstated = some other guy in Cali with the same name making it hard to get an actual ID

I just want this week to end already...