Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekends are interesting...

Friday night was the finals for January's Rockstar of the Month karaoke contest! Guess what?! I won!!! :) I was really surprised...and really, all the contestants (including me) were getting pretty drunk! haha

Saturday was a crazy night of drinking. We watched the UFC fights at Buffalo Wild Wings with Matt and Pedro. It was fun cause they're both into MMA like Steven is! So it was entertaining. I wanted to go home after the fights but the guys all wanted to hit up a couple other bars. It ended the night in Steven quite drunk and me frustrated. I'm just ready for adult more of this college whatever, bar lifestyle! DONE! We'll see if I can really hold to that though...I'm too poor and too grown to have it all still!
Sunday, we went to my parents for a yummy lasagna dinner and then watched the Super Bowl. I made the executive decision to stay there for the game instead of going to someone else's house because Steven had been drunk the night before and he's sick on top of it all. Plus, I didn't want to deal with the problems yet again! I also needed the time to do my laundry. Got that done...went home...and went to bed.
On a much LIGHTER note, I have a couple pics of our puppies!!! Ziona opened her eyes this weekend and Steven just called to tell me that she's walking around on all four of her legs!! YAY! :)

The first one is Ziona and the second one is King Tut (Steven is holding him too). I'll hopefully get a few more pictures tonight when I go to pick up Steven at Eric's after work! :)

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