Friday, February 20, 2009

Le puppies...

So, we've noticed that the puppies are really coming into their own lately! Each of them has a great different personality from the others! I'm going to be quite sad to see them go..but I certainly can't keep 6 dogs! EEK!

Scrappy- She's the runt...cute as a and white...certainly has "little puppy" syndrome and always wants to growl, bark, and beat her siblings!
J (Tut)- Found out that she's a girl so we've renamed her January...She's a lover and a fighter. She's super playful but always wants to stay close to you no matter what. She also is the only one with wavy hair! So pretty..
Ziona (our dog)- Really looks like a blue heeler rather than a lab...she's agressive in a good way and is one of the bigger dogs. She definitely knows it too. She always falls asleep on me and I love it! :)
Stripe- He was kind of shy at first...didn't really come out of the kennel...but now that he has he's beginning to play more and loves to bite on tails more than anything. He's like the silent one of the group and really is just a lover.
Twin- Well, to be honest, he's an asshole! ha! He's basically all muscle already and bullies all the other dogs. But he does get his when Ziona or Scrappy get upset!
Shadow- he's the only one that looks like a lab really...all black except one white spot on his chest...he's the sweetest of the boys and really likes to cuddle a lot with the others. He'll run around and play a little but doesn't like too much contact sport.

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