Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Sunshine on my shoulder.."

I had a great night last night with my dad...he really wasn't hard on me about the whole DUI thing. (Which, by the way, hasn't really been convicted totally cause I have to go to court still) We just had some soup and sandwiches and watched a movie together while my mom was at work. Steven went and hung out with his mom as well. I think we're going to keep Tuesday nights as "Parent's Night" that way we get some time with them and some time apart. :)

Today, beautiful weather! Yesterday was groggy and dull..which I love...but at the same time, days like today just put a smile on everyone's face! On top of that, I've been working like a mad-woman today and have everything all caught up...its a nice feeling. Although, I'm bored! haha

I'm ready to go home tonight, eat some mac n cheese, and clean the house a little! :) I think I might make Steven watch The O.C. with me! hahaha I've had the hankerin' to watch it again!

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