Thursday, February 19, 2009


Abuse really comes in many forms. I realize that since Steven and I are so helpful and caring people are going to continually use us. Two people in particular.

We have a couple friends...well, he's our friend...she's his "girlfriend". They're the people we're already taking care of dogs for. So in my 420 square feet I've got myself, Steven, Ewok (my sweet cat), and their 7 dogs. Granted, one is ours (maybe two if Steven finds a job), but we were only supposed to have them for a week and then he'd take them back. But then he got an apartment where they're not allowed..therefore, they stay with us. Okay, so that's established...ABUSE #1. Now, today, Steven and his mother are at their old house (that they're supposed to be out of tomorrow) cleaning the whole darn thing!!! Granted, our friend is at work and he works a lot of the time, but his "girlfriend" has taken the only vehicle out and about and hasn't returned to even remotely help, let alone get Steven and his mother back to his mother's place where my car is so that Steven can come get me at work!!! WTF?! I'm rather angry..and I'm not even there doing the labor. She's a worthless person, a horrible mother (I hate to say that, but it's true), and nothing but a user when it comes to our friend! ABUSE #2!

I guess we'd better just open a kennel and a cleaning service, then we wouldn't feel so bad...

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