Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wing Wednesday!

So, I really have no money. Absolutely none...

We tend to live to the very last penny from each paycheck. It's okay. After living this way for a few years now, you kind of get used to it all.

Well, in light of that, we've been kind of at a loss for food to eat for dinner lately. Last night, I mixed garbonzo and pinto beans with some green chili, garlic pepper, and salt. I then would eat a bite of those and follow it with a bite of tortilla with butter.! Ha!

Okay, so now you're wondering why in the halibut I'm telling you about this...right? RIGHT.

I'm telling you this because tonight...oh glorious tonight...we're going to have wings! :)

Steven endulged in some poker last night and taking 2nd place he was given a $20 bar tab. Well, being the technical first day of our "new year" (see yesterdays posts), he has given up drinking and a bar tab just won't do! Lucky for us, this bar is attached to the Wing Shack! YUMMY!

WING WEDNESDAY is upon us!!! Wings and movies is on the agenda and I can't even express how utterly excited I am!!! Not only for delicious wings, but also for family time just sittin' back watching movies in a semi-clean house! WAAAHOOOOO!!!!

Ahhh..I'm a dork, I know!


Paulina said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant.

Your baby girl is beautiful, congratulations!

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Kendra said...

Thanks :)