Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Torture!

Ok, I almost forgot....but, to be honest, I've been very forgetful lately...I have no idea what is wrong with me!

Like this morning, I put on foundation (thankfully) then got Marlee dressed while Steven took a shower and I completely forgot to put mascara on!!! ME...forgot mascara!!! I never leave the house without it!!! The other night I put it on just to go to the RedBox!!! But, here I am at work with what look like tiny little lashes because the ends of my lashes are blonde....oi...

But anyways!!! Today is "Tuesday Torture" (as I'm going to coin it) because I have to put up my measurements and weight! In the light of my brain disappearing today, I didn't step on the scale but I can certainly do my measurements right now.

I have to admit, I didn't eat very well. At least, not like I want to! :( And I definitely didn't workout...but I suppose we'll see if breastfeeding magically helped me out this week!

Here's last weeks:
Starting weight: 193
Neck: 13.5
Chest: 43
Waist: 41
Hips: 49
Thighs: 28
Arms: 13.5

Here's todays:
Weight: ???
Neck: 13.5
Chest: 43
Waist: 38
Hips: 48.5
Thighs: 27
Arms: 13

Ha! The breastfeeding and sweating my tushy off worked this week!!!! Down....hmm....5 inches?! I swear I'm measuring in the same places too!!! I bet I was bloated before....