Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today is the day...

I've deemed today RESOLUTION TUESDAY!

Why not?! I've now found the third person who has magically decided today is worth making new strides in life! And, ironically, none of us knew the others were thinking the same thing! Hence naming today what I have!

So, in the spirit of Post #2 for the day...I'm going to throw off the mask and embarrass myself!

Here are my starting measurements for my new HEALTHY LIFESTYLE...lets see where it takes me! (I'm also feeling this out as support for a dear friend who is person #3 joining in Resolution Tuesday)

NECK: 13.5

CHEST: 43 (I am breastfeeding so they're going to run large)

HIPS: 49 (Ahhh...baby fat and my worst area anyways)

THIGHS: 28 (Let it be known, I am measuring at the fattest points)

ARMS: 13.5 (Umm..my neck and arms are the same...that doesn't seem good!)


I don't have a terribly recent picture. But here's one that is about a month old and I've lost a few more pounds since then but it's relatively fitting! (You can't see my whole body..but we get the point)

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Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

GOOD for you! Posting a pic is always hard! But it is a great reminder, cause many times pictures show us things we do not choose to see when we look in the mirror!!