Friday, July 9, 2010

First Holiday...

Marlee slept through a majority of her first holiday weekend events! July 3rd we enjoyed a rodeo at the Greeley Stampede. At the beginning she was awake...

Some quality bullriding...Note: it has been 8 seconds...he can get off the bull already!!! HA!

Some crazy bronc-riding... Regardless of the fact the rider looks as though he's barely hanging on, he did continue to ride.

The world famous rodeo personality (of course I don't remember his name), did a skit involving a horse and a little cowboy!!! I couldn't help but fall in love with it! :)

I wish I would have taken some shots of the mutton-bustin'! Believe me, in 5 years Marlee will be hanging on for dear life to the back of a sheep as it runs across the arena!!! It's not child abuse, I promise...just good, ole-fashioned country entertainment!!! Not to mention, she could win some really cool Justin boots! :)
On July 4th, Marlee's one month birthday and her very first holiday, we ended up sleeping most of the day but when we did head to my parent's and then to a friend's house, she wore this cute little number from her Great-aunt Jackie! I just dig the tongue action! She's such a dork!

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