Friday, August 20, 2010

Screw Friday the 13th!!!

Today was bad-luck day!!! I think we're going to be superstitous about Friday the 20th's now!!

It started off with a car wreck...

Nothing really terrible, but it's still never a good thing!

Steven was backed into by a kid who didn't bother to look in his rearview mirrors (he admitted that to the cops) and so his hitch smashed in our driver's side headlight and bent the hood. It would have been way worse had Steven not been paying attention and was trying to reverse himself!

Then, as he was heading home, I was getting everything ready and noticed a bunch of water on the counter by our microwave...turns out, the air conditioner is leaking all over inside the house now! So, I switched it off and cleaned up.

Luckily, the kid who hit Steven has insurance...
And my dad is currently installing an even better air conditioner as I write!

So, bad...but good...

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