Monday, August 16, 2010


My about to turn into a sitcom...

I'm not kidding you...

Marlee's Godfather, and Steven's "little brother" from California, is coming August 31st!

The title of our new sitcom: Two tattooed men, one woman, and a baby (it's a working any better ideas?!)

The fun part is that he's coming on a one-way ticket. We have no idea if or when he'll return to good ole Stockton, California.

I'm excited...truly...but also fairly stressed.

Keque plans to look for work...which there's not much...but in the meantime, I'll still be the only one with an income in our house. Not to mention, again, we live in 420 square feet and adding another 200+ pound man to the living space will be quite interesting.

All the negative aside though, I'm excited. From our short text conversations, Keque and I get along well. And I can't wait for Steven to have that very close friend with him again!

So, it'll be interesting...

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