Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happier..I promise!

This morning I drug myself to my alcohol therapy class (yes, still doing them for my DUI almost 2 years ago) and I wasn't really looking forward to really being awake just yet after yesterday. But we started talking...and we wrote timelines. Above the line is positive things, below negative things. I was amazed to see that I could only think of 2 negative things to put on my timeline. 1. Divorce 2. DUI.

This all kind of slapped me in the face. I worry, fret, stress over everything, but in all reality, my life is pretty stinkin' good! Thankfully, this lifted my spirits!
Another happy thing, I stepped on the scale this morning before my shower thinking that maybe I'd lost a few ounces and I won't be freaking out as much! Well, I lost that stupid extra 3lbs that scared me yesterday! Thank goodness! Not to mention, I was down 4ounces from last weeks weight...must have been retaining some silly water!
Soooo 193.2...not what I want it to be...but its going to all change in the next couple weeks! I have to get some motivation so that I can keep up with Steven and Keque once he's here!
And just because I've been super's some pictures for your visual pleasure:

She's kind of goofy in this little play mat! I love watching her in the distorted, cheap mirror!

Milky white skin...but it's just soooo stinkin' cute over that pudgy, boob belly! :)
And who can resist a dimply little butt! (She's going to kill me in about 16 years!)

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