Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Catching back up...

First off, yes, I know, I forgot to do any of my measurements or weight yesterday! :( FAIL! I've also forgotten this morning again because well, frankly, we've been running around like chicken's with our heads cut off! Sooo...maybe tomorrow...maybe...

Secondly, we have toads. Big, fat, lazy toads. It comes with living in the country. Not really a huge deal except that my silly dog likes to pee on them! YEP...he sniffs them...picks on them...and then pees all over them!!! Weirdo!

Well, we have a smart toad! See, in our hot weather things tend to dry out very easily..including these poor toads. One in particular decided that it would be best to sit underneath our air conditioner where it drips and enjoy the excess water! Now that's just using what little brains he has! And gives us quite a laugh!

Lastly, today is Marlee-bug's 2 month birthday!!! HAPPY 2 MONTHS LIL MISS!

I can't believe how much she's grown in this time. She's long and now filling out...she's changing every single day flip-flopping between looking like me and looking like Steven. It's so fun to see what she'll do new each day as well!

Here's a picture feast of her from last night:

Big yawns...and pudgy arms!

Who doesn't love that cute little mouth and a wink!?
She's getting that beautiful "splash" in the middle of her eyes like Steven and I have!

I'm learning manual settings on my camera and am able to get great close-up shots. I just love her!

Something else must have been more interesting! (I need to get my eyebrows waxed badly...and I, unfortunately, am battling some nasty acne since giving birth!)

...and then she we still don't have a good picture! haha

She's so beautiful :)

Any random photoshoot wouldn't be complete without a drunken smile!

Dad loves his Punky-bug so much!

Fall in love...I know you are! ;)