Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So sorry I've been lacking in the blog department...I feel a hole when I don't do it too, so I'm not quite sure what my problem as been this week.

Apparently Ewok is my favorite to photograph! haha

But 365 picture 2, our latest ultrasound from 11 weeks ago that hangs on our fridge with the words Steven put together above it. I think it's sweet...and wanted to capture some of it's wonder...

365 picture 3, our grass is starting to peak out of the ground and be green and in the sunshine and shade from the trees Ewok sat watching the dog play around her. I think she's a beautiful and mysterious looking cat!

365 picture 4, Ewok was sleeping on the bed which is a BIG no-no when Steven is home, but I let her get away with it.

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Computergirl said...

Aw great pictures, made me smile! :) Emma