Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The big 3-0...

30's here...and it's crazy!

I didn't think that such a point would bring happiness (and illness, thanks 3rd trimester) but it has. Every single day is so much closer to bringing our little bug into our lives!

This past Sunday we took a drive down to see the newest addition to the family; Destany Marie. I, sadly, forgot my camera so I'm unable to share any pictures besides this one from the hospital when she was born:
That's her daddy Leroy kissing her! :) I love it!
The highlight of our time with Destany was when Steven was rocking her in his arms and he turned to me stating, "Get used to seeing this!" then looked down at my belly and said, "Marlee hurry up and get here!"
*sigh* Love!
So, now at 30 weeks 2 days...I'm wondering what life will be like in a few short weeks. How things will really change...what ups and downs I'll be feeling...etc. I'm scared. I'd be a big ole liar if I said I wasn't! I just want everything to go perfectly...and beautifully...and I'm sure it'll exceed any expectations I have!
I also wonder if I'll develop an almost empty feeling once she's out of me. Feeling those kicks and movements in places I didn't think she could affect...but that'll all be counteracted by smiles and tears...and kisses...


Jackie said...

I'm excited! I need to make it out soon while she's still a teeny weeny!

Robin said...

They let me out of the hospital at 10pm. I thought I was prepared to come home and handle it on my own. But oh god I was so not. Whatever you do, just make sure you have bottles of whatever ready just in case. Even if you fully intend on breast feeding, have a back up plan ready just in case it doesn't work the way you plan for it to. I was rushing around at one o'clock in the morning sterilizing bottles and trying to make the formula properly, all the while, the little one screaming her head off cause she was hungry and she didn't want to breast feed or she wasn't getting anything from me. It felt like it would never end, and then it did. Sorry, I don't want to scare you, just want you to be aware and be prepared.
And literally you will feel empty. That hard bump in your middle that you've become so accustomed to, will feel so weird afterwards. Like a giant hollow spot.

Apryl said...

You will do amazingly.

It's shocking how your instincts take over and you go on a maternal auto-pilot.


Kendra said...

Jackie- yes, you do! :) But I'll be posting tons of pics...don't worry!

Robin- the stories don't scare me..if anything they reassure me that we all go through the ups and downs and I'm not a terrible mom if I screw up! I will be as prepared as possible!

Apryl- I'm hoping those instincts kick in fast! I think I'm already treating Steven like a child..haha