Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fellow Bloggers...

Well, Ewok came to the car last night when we got home so I snagged her and made her stay in the house. She ended up sleeping with me which was a HUGE comfort...I missed her so much!!! I'm sure she's rather angry at me right now though because we locked her in the house all day...but oh well!

Lately, I've been reading a plethora of beauty, make up, and fashion blogs to pass the time while at work. I've found a majority of them from my friend Anna that lives in the pretty much all the blogs are also in the UK or the area around there. I don't mind them being fairly far away but it would be nice to relate to more American brands than the ones they always talk about. I do know exactly what they're talking about usually since I've lived in Ireland and have been to many of the same stores...but still...

On that note, I've been focusing more on the way that I take care of my look. Like today for instance, I didn't need to really do much with myself..but I went ahead and put my hair up the best I could with it being curly and dirty...then I did my normal foundation and mascara...but on the eyes, I used my shimmer highlighter and put that on the just added a nice pink shimmer to my face..then a small line of eyeliner on the top lid. It's simple but it does the trick to make me look a little more awake and put together.

Now, if only I could get my clothes to not be so darn boring!!!! haha

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