Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was given this blog award by the fantastic Erica ! THANKS SO MUCH!

~The rules for this award~
*List 5 obsessions
*Pass the award to 5 other blogs, with their links
*Make sure you leave a comment on their blog, so they know about it
*Link to the person that gave you the award

1. Curly hair is naturally curly and in my attempt to revive it by not straightening it, I'm finding that I'm loving it more and more every day!

2. Beauty blogs...I can't go a day without reading them!! I love to learn all kinds of new things, and Steven has commented on my make up and what not more I think y'all are rubbin' off on me!

3. Karaoke...I've been obsessed for a while. I used to be super super super scared to sing in public but once I got out of my shell, I began belting all kinds of tunes!

4. Poker...Another thing that fills my nightlife like karaoke. It's been commented that I'm quite good for only playing the last 2 months.

5. Skirts...I only own about 5 skirts but if I could, I would wear them everyday!! Haha..They're just comfy and feminine...maybe I will wear them more often ;)

I pass this award on to:
Jaqi @ Jaqi Zoo
Andrea @ My Life: The journey to finding me
Marie @ I Love...Confessions of a Shopaholic
Lucy @ <3 Lucy
Cat @ Reaching for the stars...


Cat@catslittleobsessions said...

thanks for the tag, will do it later this week! xxxx

Marie said...

Jeezo! Please dont think i've been rude! I just came across this after checking my post comments!

Thanks my lovely!

p.s I LOVE a bit of the old Karaoke too! GO ON!