Thursday, July 16, 2009

TAG: Stylish Blogger Award

Was given this award for reading a fabulous blog! Check it out! The Tag is to talk about 10 things that influence my own personal style! Here goes!

1. Cardigans - I love them. They're simple and comfortable and just the right amount of cover for either a casual look or a dressy look. I have them in all shapes, colors, and sizes (lengths).

2. Solids - I'm not a big patter girl...the ones I do wear are far and few between. But solids are always a great mix and match and look great!

3. Polka dots - This is one pattern that I'm addicted to! I can't move past a piece of anything that is covered in polka dots! I have to look!!! It's a simple but happy pattern.

4. Mascara - It's a staple in my daily life. I have blond eyelashes so it's also a must. I enjoy how just one or two coats can make a huge difference in brightening the eyes.

5. Big rings - I don't wear jewelry too often but I love a great big ring just as much as the next fun fashionista! They really make me feel fun! haha

6. Gauged ears - I have the first hole in each ear gauged to 2. I usually wear glass spirals that have a light blue line spiraled in the glass. They're unique and fun! :)

7. Black and white - I love the basic color combination. If it could, all my clothes would be either black or white and then only my rings and such would have color.

8. Floral perfume - I like floral scents rather than anything else. They make me feel fresh and pretty.

9. Flip flops - I live in them. Even in the winter. There'll be snow on the ground but if it's off the sidewalks and what not, then I'm wearing flip flops!

10. Curly hair - My hair is naturally curly and most days I just let it go and let it do whatever. I think it shows my funky, playful side! :)

I TAG whomever reads sure to let me know if you do it so that I can read yours!


Anna said...

Great post! I'm more of a solids girl too ;) Great minds think alike huh :) xoxo Anna

Little Rus said...

Hey, honey! Thanks for accepting the award and writing this interesting post. xxx

Erica said...

Hi Kendra! Thanks for doing the other tag. I cant wait to do this one, but Ill have to do it this weekend. Have a great weekend sweetie!