Monday, July 13, 2009

Holy summer!!!

This weekend we spent in the sun and I have to say I -finally- feel like it's summer here now!!!

Saturday we joined up with some friends and enjoyed mud volleyball and beer! Great time...but got horribly sunburnt! OH WELL..that's normal for me! haha

Sunday, joined up with the same friends and played in a softball tournament. We ended up third and had a pretty decent time! I didn't feel too well as it was the beginning of TOM and the heat was getting to me...ugh, I hate having this disease, it just drags my whole body down ten times worse when I'm not feeling well!!! **Shakes fist at immune system**

With that all said, I must admit to something I hate this summer....


There's just something about them that bugs me. I don't understand how people think they look fashionable..and quite honestly, I feel they take away from every single outfit that you're trying to pair them with!!!! UGH! haha

There is one style that is creeping in that I do like...and I have no idea why..haha


I do have to admit that not -all- jumpsuits are good. I prefer the look where there's a bit of separation between the "top" and "bottom" that it almost doesn't appear you're wearing one. I also prefer a wider leg, definitely not the taper...

What do y'all think???

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