Friday, July 24, 2009

Why wasn't I already doing this?!

I know my fellow beauty bloggers will be apalled to hear me say this...but I have always applied my foundation using my fingers. While I did find some that covered quite well, I never got the desired amount on without feeling like I had cake on my face! WELL...after reading so many of your blogs for a while now, I thought "Hey, I have a brush laying around...why not try it..." So, I did...I applied my foundation with a brush like a week ago..and I haven't turned back since!!! I use so much less and it covers so much better!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!??!!!?!? Hahaha...So, thanks beauty girls! ;)

Another obsession I'm finding (again) is with my nails...right now they're a horribly chipped black and I really need to re-do them!!! But I don't know what color to many of the gals out there are doing a grey or brown nail...I think I have one bronzy color..but it's awfully dark (like the black) for the summer...ugh. SOOOO, any suggestions on colors?!?!?


Erica said...

Funny you mention the color of your nails. I found a dark brown by Revlon I really like, Ill get a link posted on sp this week and I also seen a steel gray color that was really pretty as well. Hm,I need to play with my fashion blog tomorrow

Kendra said...

Haha, too funny! :)