Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Aren't there always those nights when you can't sleep because you're constantly thinking about things...I hate them...

Last night, was one of them.

I kept thinking about how much I wished my cat Ewok were home again. She seems to have adopted my grandma and it makes me kind of sad. I guess its better than her just running away. But I'm sure it's because she hates the dogs...and my grandma will give her food. I don't know, I just really needed her last night. :(

Also, I was thinking about my stupid disease and how its so troubling. Especially when I have no health insurance... I need to get a bit of blood tests done but I don't have the $600+ to shell out in order to get them and have them sent off. BUT, if I don't have these tests, then there's really no way to tell what's causing my Chronic Urticaria. I was also thinking about my follow up appointments with Dr. Pace...that's going to cost another $120 just for him to tell me another round of drugs to possible help...So, I don't know.

The next thing I was thinking about came about with money as well. Being the sole income in my house, it's hard to make any headway on my bills. The collectors just keep calling and I have nothing to tell them...well, except now that I've been sick and trying to figure this out and that's where my money goes. But that's not entirely true...what's true is that I'm neglecting it because I want Steven to be comfortable. I would do anything for him, he knows this, but it's definitely a strain on my funds. I really shouldn't complain about it because it's my own fault...I don't know...just makes things that much harder on me.

My DUI..well, I'm done with my education classes and now onto therapy classes. I keep paying on my fine, and I've finally given BI enough money to be set up on community service. So, now I have to call this lady at the Boys and Girls Club to see when I can get my community service done...but in the meantime, it seems like I've got things pretty well taken care of...but I still have a revoked license and have to have the interlock for two years at some point...I'm not sure how to even afford the insurance, or the interlock, or the new license...ugh...

I guess it all comes down to money issues...and that's why I'm looking for a second job and hopefully Steven can find one soon for himself!

In the meantime, it's cheap food, free poker, and $1 movies for us!

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