Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Vacation...

Kind of funny how my plans to spend day down in Denver turned into the whole weekend! :)

I left on Saturday about noon to head down and pick up my friend and head over to the Art Museum. Well, when I got there my friend was very hungover so we just hung out for a bit. We ended up going to dinner, seeing a movie, and hittin' Old C's for drinks and trivia. There was 3 of us and it was a lot of fun! :) A definite break from the people I'm normally around! After that, we ended up playing Wii until all hours of the morning and the next day (Sunday) slept allllll day. Finally, we got out of bed around 4pm and headed out again. Hitting the movies a second time and then Old C's again for drinks and trivia.
The time was flying yesterday and the next thing I know, my friend and I are sitting in my car and he's singing me a million songs and I was just enjoying every second of it! After a couple hours, we were heading up the mountain to Evergreen!
I spent last night in Evergreen with my friend...and well, it's a beautiful place! I loved just waking up to the fresh air and the mountains! ;)

So..that was a much much much needed vacation and I loved it!!! Good places...Good company...Good times!!!

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