Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oops..forgot this was here!!!!

Sooo...I definitely forgot that I had this account until Jackie reminded me!!! Thanks girly girl! ;)

My newest endeavour involves moving..haha

I have a life plan now!!!!

I'm moving to Laramie, Wyoming in December. Once there, I'm going to attend UW and finish my teaching degree in English. :)

How does that sound????

Other than that, I've just been working away...

My love life is crazy as of late. My divorce is final..finally...and I've kind of broken it off with Miles...but only to move onto Mick. But Mick and I aren't officially anything and we've only hung out once...but he's probably coming down this weekend...so that'll be good! He's a fun guy!!! :)

Okay, I need to finish getting ready for work so I'm not late!!!! :) I promise I won't forget about this again!!!!

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Jackie said...


You will post here even if it is for my soul enjoyment. :D