Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wish I wasn't sick...

Tuesday...forgot to weigh myself this morning...I'm kind of afraid to check it! I got really excited with that 187 and I really don't want to fluctuate above it! Oh well...I'll look soon!

Sick, I hate being sick. I REALLY hate being sick while breastfeeding. I can only take pain relievers like Tylenol and those don't do diddly for a congested head! What I wouldn't give for a dose of Sudafed!

Halloween is approaching...Marlee and I are going to be Ladybugs! I'm rather excited about it!

Steven is going to be a giant Chicken!

Thursday we're talking about going to karaoke and a little costume contest for a couple hours but Steven won't have the chicken costume yet. So, he'll probably dress like a girl....haha! I guess we'll see!

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