Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Operation HOT MAMA!

Ha, okay, so I was tired of calling today "Tuesday Torture". Sure, it's a little painful some weeks...but lately, my mind is made up and I'm sooooo game to make this work for me!

I'm at a stand-still.

Last week: 189
This week: 189

This isn't necessarily a bad thing...

It's that "time of the month"! Oh dear ole Aunt Flo...you always wreck something!

After reading Jaime's blog, I think I'm going to make a TRANSFORMATION PHOTO page...that way I can SEE how things are going...maybe that'll put some more fire under my butt!

Ok, but back to the blog title. I'm going for Operation Hot Mama...because well, one of my main motivators is that I don't want to be a bad influence for Marlee. I want her to see that it's good to be active and healthy! I don't necesarily want to be SKINNY...but I want to be HEALTHY! Get it!? Mmmkay...

Here's to another week down!

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