Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why was it so hard??

I did something the other day that I didn't think would actually be hard...

I sorted through Marlee's clothes...boxed up the ones that don't fit her anymore!

It was really seriously, wanted to cry hard...I don't know why!

Luckily, I'm passing the clothes onto friends that will definitely cherish them and enjoy them...but I'm sad their not hanging in our closet anymore... *sigh*

The stupid things that happen to us mothers...haha


Apryl said...

Its because you are already noticing how fast she is growing. You aren't attached to the clothes, but to her infancy. It gets easier. Keep only outfits that have special meaning, like what she wore home from the hospital, or her first Halloween outfit. The rest will be easier to get rid of if you knwo you hold on to the meaningful pieces.

Kendra said...

Yep, have her home outfit saved away..and she's wearing her Halloween for the next 3 days! haha