Friday, October 15, 2010

Babies and football...

I finally posted my Transformation Photos. They're in a separate page on this up above to check out how "phat" I am! HA!

This weekend seems like it's super full of things to do!

Tonight, I'm hanging out at a'll be nice to be out of the house instead of just twidling my thumbs!

Tomorrow, I have a candle party with my mom in the morning...then I'm going to go dancing with some friends while Marlee spends some time with Jaime! :) (Thanks again Jaime!)

Sunday, we're going to head down to Aurora where Steven is going to play full-contact flag football...I'm a little anxious to see how these boys play! It'll be with with some fellas he hasn't seen in about 8 years and used to play semi-professional football with!

After that, on Sunday, we'll head to Parker to visit Shanna and Andy and see brand-new baby Joseph!!! I'm looking forward to introducing Marlee to all her cousins! I think it'll be fun!


Oh, and the whole posting photo thing...yeah, I keep forgetting my memory card...

PS...I suck at life! ha

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