Thursday, December 31, 2009

So, yeah, I haven't posted for over a week now...and it's mainly cause I'm so stressed and upset these days that I just don't want to expend that upon other people!

I've decided that I hate being pregnant...I just don't feel like me bugs me...

Life never seems to go up for us anymore..I guess I should just stop expecting it to...

Tonight, we're supposed to hit a couple house parties/get-togethers and then a kegger at our favorite bar..but I'm really not feeling up to it anymore...I guess we'll see how well I can get "dolled up" tonight and maybe that'll lift my spirits!



Jackie said...

I'm sorry Hun :( let's see if this t
year will be better!

Apryl said...

I feel you on the hating being pregnant thing, when I was pregnant I felt completely invaded.

Now granted, I was allergic to being pregnant and my latter pregnancy was horrific, BUT, my son has been the best thing to veer happen to me, despite the Lifetime Movie my life has become.

It gets better and the hormonally challenged feelings you are going through are perfectly ok to have.

Don't let anyone make you feel bad for it.

I'm always an email away if you need me ;-)

Kendra said...

Thanks girls!

Apryl- I keep reminding myself that the end result will be a 1 million times better than anything!