Thursday, December 10, 2009

Call backs, nostrils, and naps...

First off, I think it's funny how I generally make my blog titles a laundry list of the things I'm going to talk about...I guess it forewarns everyone of the hub-bub you're about to experience!


Call, at night, I put my phone on "alarm only" because I hate being interrupted in sleep by some obnoxious forward text that really has no bearing to the dream I'm enjoying at that point in time! Well, this morning, in my phone's "alarm only" state we got a phone call..when I looked at the number and saw it was local and not some annoying bill collector reminding me that I'm dirt poor and can't pay my bills..I got a little excited! I listened to the voicemail and got even more excited because it was the Sheriff's office calling to talk to Steven. After his test the other day, they told him that if he makes it through the test they'll call; if he doesn't, they'll e-mail!! Well, a PHONE CALL is a very good sign!!! ANYWHO...I tell Steven and we lay back down. I'm fiddling with my phone when the same number pops I wake him up so he can answer the silly phone call!!! All I can say, is if they called twice in 30 minutes then they must REALLY want him in there! :) WHOOHOO!!!

Now for my stinkin' nostrils...I'm riddled with the wonderful symptom of pregnancy called pregnancy rhinitis! Sounds like I'm making something up, right? Well, I'm not!! The increased blood flow swells the sinuses and makes your nose stuffed the ENTIRE time you're pregnant...Ew, I know!'s like booger city in there and I snore so much more now! Well, to add insult to injury, in the second trimester that increased blood flow becomes nose bleeds and nastiness...sooooo as we speak I'm hawkin' down loogies the size of SUV's and trying not to gag as they slide down my throat! (I'm so not a spitter!) And all I want to do is BREATH normal!!!

Speaking of breathing normal (and this is not on the "laundry list"), since my baby is moving up above my pelvic bone it's taking more room from my other organs..namely, my lungs! I'm in a terrible spot when I walk up the stairs at work now to change the daily server tape! I almost have to stop and take a really deep breath half-way through! So, I think I'll employ those band lung capacity exercises I learned about 8 years ago and try to get my breathing back in order!

Now, this morning, (and yes, I sleep all morning as it is) I was about to take a short 20 minute power nap before getting up to get ready when something woke me from the INSIDE! Okay, it's not that was the baby moving again! I was laying on my right side, which usually I've been on my left through the night (they say it's better), dozing off, when I felt the moved and plumb woke me up like the daylight! When I told Steven that it happened he replied in his overly compassionate state, "Well, get used to it!"...gee, thanks..I don't already know this...haha OH WELL!

Okey...I wish I had something to show a belly pic...which I'd plan to do..but in my lack of brain cells due to "pregnancy brain" (not making it up either, many women claim it happens) I forgot to stand my chubby butt up in front of the mirror to take a picture!!! So, about a cute one of Hercules asleep with his paws over his nose!


Apryl said...

Don't feel bad about the weird pregnancy nostril thing...I was allergic to being pregnant. Had this AWFUL rash that only giving birth would cure.

The beginning of mine was amazing...the end would instill a fear in you that I wouldn't put you through just yet ;-)

Computergirl said...

My mate had the nose thing, but sh said that it was just the body thickening the lining of the womb, and it did clear up, so hopefully you wont feel bunged up for too much longer :( Glad alls well!

Erica said...

The cute puppy pic saved you, LOL!!!
Have I said how excited about this I am for you? Oh, yes, I have...anywho, even though Im not preggers...I can so relate to having enlarged nostrils that I can not breath through, its rough and it sucks, but youll get through it.

Kendra said...

Thanks girls!!! :)

And thanks for sparing me least for now! ;)