Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One year...

So, one year ago, on a Decemember Monday night, I was enjoying a round of karaoke at one of my favorite singing spots close to home. I was socializing with the people I'd met over the past couple months through singing and ended up having to "save" a boy.

Well, this saving took place like this:

  • Saw fairly attractive boy being stalked by CRAZY nasty girl

  • My friend and I decided to go talk to him to make CRAZY girl jealous (insert evil laugh)

  • He tells us that she's throwing herself all over him and he hates it

  • Asks to be "saved"

  • So we hang on him...until she leaves...

  • My friend decides whatever, I'm moving on to talk to other people now

  • I start to talk to boy....we talk...talk...and talk...

  • He uses this pick up line: "so, you got a number?"

  • I reply, "What???"

  • He says, "oh I see how it is..."

  • I say, "No, really it's loud in here what did you say? Did you ask if I have a number?"

  • End up giving him my number...and a ride home...to my house...haha

Well, that night he learned my name...Kendra Payne...easy enough (well, I'm used to it!). The next morning, all he could remember was "Payne" because he liked it so much (figures, he's a football player and a cage fighter...why wouldn't he like that?!). I made fun of him, reminded him of my first name, and drove him home before I went to work.

Fast forward a year later, we live together...have a dog...and I'm pregnant with his child. Funny how things work! :)

Okay, on other news, I REALLY, FOR SURE felt the baby last night when I was in a warm bath!!! :) Now, TMI really, but I had gas...and I was laying there, would pass gas, knowing how that felt...but then I would move a little and then I'd feel what I would normally think is just another gas bubble on it's way through my intestines or bowels and then nothing would happen! I started to pay attention to the differences in order to decipher...and I realized that the bubbles were a little higher and nothing "exploded" afterwards!!! :) OOOOHHHH BABY!!!

Here's where we are in development:


hannahbabeyxo said...

Awwww happy one year! XO

This Little Girl Dreams... said...

thats so cute happy anniversary. And happy farty baby?

Erica said...

Im back...shoot me an e-mail and Ill be in touch with you...Congrats again!

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary and yaay for feeling the baby!