Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Flow, Tow, Snow, and Mo'

First off, Erica inquired about Steven's job in a comment on my last post...reply: He passed through their background check and is taking the polygraph next Wednesday. After that, they'll do a drug test and physical and the academy starts the beginning of February!!! So, basically, yes he has the job so's just a long, long waiting game!

Next, last night we got our truck towed from what we thought was a proper visitor's parking area at Steven's mom's apartments. It took an hour to find the security guard at the apartments only to have him treat us like we were pieces of poo!!! My parents had to be there in order to pay the money to get the truck from impound...and we just kind of went rounds with them. I really don't want to get into it because I'm frustrated beyond words!

Third, It's SNOWING...and not just "la-la-la-there's flakes"...but like "BAM! Have 6 inches overnight!" snowing...I LOVE IT! :) I was kind of feeling bummed that we wouldn't have a great, white Christmas and then it happened....beautiful....*sigh*

Numero quatro, I'm attempting to take a new picture of my belly while I'm here at work so I can's proving a little difficult without a mirror...but I'm determined!!!!!! AH-HA...GOT ONE!

Here ya go (the one from earlier and today's!):

There's not a HUGE difference...but it seems....rounder...and higher up! Guess we'll see how it changes in the next couple weeks!

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