Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bald heads, Christmas wishes, Baby pains, and more...

This a LONG post...fair if you don't want to read it...well, then POO on you...if you care to spend a portion of your time with me...then THANKS! (it really doesn't matter either way..just so you know)

ANYWHO...I promised a while back to post a picture dealing with Steven's bald head...well, here ya go!

Sooo, which do you like better??? HAIR OR NO HAIR???
Next, I've never really been one to actually WISH for something at Christmas time. I was always thankful for the things that I'd gotten over the year and didn't fiend for much when it came down to the holiday season. Well, this year, I think it's a bit different!!! I'm really, okay like REALLY, wanting a digital camera. I've had two...both died...and I'm not talking like some cheap whatever camera (which I'd be happy with too) but like a NIKON D60 camera...something that I could really, really use for a while and capture some great images!
Third, I've been having terrible pains in my tummy as the round ligaments and my uterus stretches and grows...really just not pleasant at all!!! It's like sharp pains...and then, I don't even know how to explain it! I just hope it calms down soon...knowing my luck this baby will be HUGE and I'm just going to hurt allllll the time! Steven's first two kids were 9 and 10lb I'm pretty scared!!! (Granted their mom is much taller than I am!)
Another thing about baby, I'm wondering if I'm definitely turning into my mom when she was pregnant. All her pain was in her back and hips..and I'm feeling like I've got 20 extra pounds to carry around just on my lower back. It hurts a lot..and, of course, I get the words from Steven that I just need to be tough and that his ex never complained like I do...well, gee, did he stop to think we might be completely different people with completely different experiences?!?!?! Hmm..that would just make too much sense!!! WHATEVER...just one of those days...
Lets see, I think on the next post I'm going to do a blog poll on what people think the gender of my baby is going to be!!! We'll be finding out after the new year more than likely, but I'm curious to see what people are thinking with all the symptoms and what not I've been having! :)

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