Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok, here's where y'all get to put in your two cents...

Here's my pregnancy symptoms thus far:
  • slight morning sickness for 3-4 weeks
  • gained 6lbs so far
  • tons of lower back/sciatic pain already
  • had one girl dream and the rest have been boy
  • very very tired
  • nails growing fast and are much stronger
  • skin was a little bad at first but is now fairly clear
  • no outrageous cravings...just normal things like french fries, ice cream, taco bell, sub sandwiches (and not all together!)
  • repulsed by onions and chicken

As far as the medical things go:

  • heart rate was at 160 then slowed to 152
  • moves a lot - kicking, waving
  • blood pressure and everything is normal for me judging by that, or even just by the two ultrasounds I've got, what do you predict the gender will be!?!?!??!?! Give me your explanation too ;)

(First one is at 8 weeks, second is at 9 wks 4 days...I'm now 14 weeks 3 days)


Becca said...

I am split! I am leaning towards boy though, mostly because of the dreams.

This Little Girl Dreams... said...

I say its a boy or a very hyperactive girl. lol