Thursday, September 2, 2010

And the Sitcom begins...

Marlee's grandma Dorothy (Steven's mother) was annointed as an officer for the Salvation Army this past weekend. Her middle son, Leroy, his wife, and daughter joined us for the ceremony and church. Here is a photo of Marlee, Grandma Dorothy, and Destany (who is 3 months older than Marlee..but they're the same size!!!!):

Look at that proud smile! :)

Our "sitcom" started this week! After court on Tuesday for Steven's DUI, he jetted down to Denver to pick up Keque from the airport. Our new roommate has arrived!!! And to be quite honest, it's fun! He and I get along great thus far and I see a new fun light in Steven's eyes every day! Here's a photo of Marlee and her "Nino":

Marlee, my mom, and I leave for Idaho tomorrow morning. I'm sooooooooo ready to get out of town! We're leaving all the men in our lives back here in Colorado to wreck havoc! Look out! ha!
I'll be sure to have tons of great photos once I'm back on Tuesday! We're visiting my Great Grandma and introducing her to her very first Great Great Grandchild! :)

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