Friday, September 10, 2010

Photos...thoughts...hell, lets just say "Stream of Consciousness"

Soooo I’ve decided that I really want to do some more photography, for other people…not just be paparazzi for my daughter! I think I need to start with some portrait work…now who is willing to give me their time?!


Here, finally, are photos from Marlee and my trip last weekend!

The rattle was a new thing and she loved having it during the car ride.

These "wind farms" grace the landscape across Wyoming.

Marlee's new faces...

A VERY proud great-papa!

Marlee's great-great-grandma Dorothy and Great-Papa

Still working on that tummy thing!

At great-grandma's house we all just sit around and chat...


Look at those chubby little legs!

One of the most beautiful rosaries I've ever seen. Hangs on Great-grandma's wall and is hand-made.

Cuddling up with Grandma Regina so we can go on our walk.

The shadows of me, my mom, and my grandma as we took a walk one evening.


I'm hoping this weekend we'll head on over to our local Maurice's because I desparately need a new pair of black pants. Plus, I'd be delighted to find a few "staple" pieces that aren't falling apart like all my others! We shall see!!!


Ugh, I guess I'll bring up this one too, while I'm at it!

I'm going to get my weight loss jumpstarted...ESPECIALLY after seeing a few pictures of myself from last weekend and today!!! EW....sooooo....I'm going to be brave and post a couple here...
Soooo...I'm ready to get rid of this "look"!!!! (The 2nd pic is after just waking up...hence the mess of a face and hair!)

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