Thursday, September 16, 2010

You'll need chocolate after this one!

Why are people so cleverly creative?! I really want to know!

I'm surfing and finding far too many simply perfect things! I want to knit...I want to crochet...I want to sew...hell, I want to paint!!!! Where the heck is my creative bug?!

Oh yeah, it's behind the camera...

I have photos to post...many...but alas, I've forgotten my memory card! Figures!

Yesterday, I was very sick! I never get sick. Seriously. Never. But something is in my system and I just want to shoot myself in the head! (okay, sorry, that was a bit dramatic) This weak feeling that has overcome me is getting really ridiculous! I don't feel like I'm really functioning at all. And yesterday, my poor baby girl had to be barely touched by me! Not in fear of getting her sick, but because I didn't have the strength to even pick her adorable 14 1/2 pound body up! :(

Ooohhhh well!

Well, lets see...a couple more sad things in my life. My great aunt died a couple nights ago. She was 93 years old and was already in it simply was a matter of time. Still sad nonetheless!

To top that off, my 17 year old cat that lived at my parents died yesterday! We don't know if he was already hurt or ill, but my mom accidently ran over him going into the garage. Bandit was usually very good at moving out of the way, so I believe something was already wrong. My dad told me tonight that his back legs wouldn't work and his shoulder was really messed up, so he had to shoot him! :( He's now resting in a grave near my home in Lucerne (where we layed to rest our 16 year old dog quite a few years back).

Hmmm....are you depressed now?!

Alright, go have yourself a slice of chocolate and put in a feel good movie! Tomorrow, I promise a happy post!

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