Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As luck would have it, I had my appointment with a dietician today and it is also check-in day!

Now, since I haven't really been focusing on anything diet related at all...I'm at 194lbs and surely don't have a clue about my measurements!

But, talking with the dietician today, I have a game plan! I also have a follow up appointment on November 1st. That means I actually have to do this!!! I actually have someone holding me accountable beyond the computer (no offense to those of you out there supporting me not in person)...

Now...I just need to find that workout bug...where'd it go!?


Apryl said...

I was 184 when I gave birth to Dylan and I am 5' tall. I hear ya.

Losing baby weight, hell weight in general is a tough road.

I have always fluctuated 20 lbs give or take over the years, up and down, and am now where I want to be, I just need to work out and get the jiggle gone.

Apparently now being IN my 30s (GULP) its not as easy to shed and firm up as it once was

BUT I have a friend who lost 70lbs doing Zumba, and its fun

Kendra said...

I love Zumba! My co-worker/friend is an instructor here in town! :)

I WILL win this battle..I'm determined!