Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Checkin' In...

Well, folks! I finally have a good report to give you! I'm down 2 lbs! 191!!! I know, it's a tiny, little bit compared to the rest of my goal (and what I should weigh...darn being short) but it's a start, and I'm excited!

I've been tracking my food on an Excel Spreadsheet. I like this much better because I can keep it to myself as much as I want...and I don't have to log into anything! haha (Maybe I'm just lazy...)

I've drafted some small goals. They seem doable...and I'm really not afraid to NOT meet them...but it sure would be nice to finally meet a goal! Soooo...here's my idea:
185 by Halloween
179 by Thanksgiving
170 by Christmas
168 by New Years

That will give me a 25lb loss before the new year...sounds awesome to me! :)

Some more good news on the homefront, Steven has a job!!! YAY!!! He is doing security at a club/bar. It's part-time technically and minimum wage...but it's more money than what we had! Plus, it'll get him out of the house and give him his alone time that he is desparately needing!

Now...if the good things trend can continue to happen and we can get him a restricted license on the 29th when he goes to talk with the DMV...that would be awesome! One thing at a time, I guess...


Apryl said...

Yay for you!! 2lbs may seem like a small step, but it seems l ike you're doing things the RIGHT way! SO proud of you muffin ;-) Trust me, once that little Bug gets mobile, the weight will come off faster as you chase her! ALSO, FatSecret.com is an awesome help to trakc your food, weight and get support. (and its free and has a phone app)

Kendra said...

thanks for the tidbit! :)