Thursday, April 15, 2010

What now!?

I can't believe stress has completely taken me over lately. I've been so good about keeping my life even tempered..but it's just getting the best of me.

I don't think we really have a ton to do in the next couple months, but I know it's all financially taxing and just making me compute far too many numbers! My poor little brain can't handle it any longer!

Sure, I make $12 and hour...but 20-25 hours a week doesn't really cut it much! Things just start to add up and I'm not really sure what to do about it!

I'm freaking out...

This week we've been unable to get things squared away for the baby showers on Saturday. I'm excited. Really, I am. But I'm also nervous, scared, and entirely stressed out!

Then after baby showers, there's the organizing of EVERYTHING in my tiny, tiny house...which is going to be a daunting task all on it's own!

Sunday is my "sister-in-laws" bridal shower. But I doubt we'll be heading down to that. It's in Parker...80 miles away...and costs far too much to drive there!

Tuesday- Doctor's appointment. Everything has been easy and simple each time so I can't expect things to be much different. But man, does my pelvic bone hurt lately...and I'm just wanting to be done with all this!!!

Fast forward a little to the end of the month. The wedding takes place on May 1st. But we have to be down in Parker on the 30th for the rehearsal...which means I have to take the day off (losing money) and we have to pay for the tux...a hotel

Once we get home from that, it'll take a little while to recover financially and physically from a weekend of partying basically...and before we know it it'll be a couple weeks from having our Miss Marlee enter our world!!!


I have none...and I'm not sure what to do...

Let me guess, you're thinking..."It'll all fall into place.." <~ heard it! ha...sorry...


Simply Country Chic said...

Hey Kendra, sorry I havent been around much lately. Ive been really busy and just check in on FB. Our wedding was teeny tiny. Parents and grand parents, casual dress clothes at a small country church. Then we used our 100.00 that our parents gave us, drove 30 miles to a Holiday Inn and drove home the next day. Wasnt much, but forever in our memorys. Money is tight or non existant here too. Dh did our taxes last night and by the time he was done he had to drive 20 min to town to get a can of chew. So, I know how you feel...Hang in there! Love , Erica

iluvmyairman said...

Hey, LD from your May/June Board, just making sure you were okay. Glad to see all is well and you're just busy. :) We're all wondering about you over there!

Kendra said... does indeed happen!