Friday, April 23, 2010

365..where did you go???

I'm failing...miserably...I can't seem to get myself to post photos on a regular basis anymore! What the heck!?

The past two days have brought a crazy amount of rain to our desert-like atmosphere. But with the rain comes green...the greens we like to see in the Spring!

Then again, there's always something the MUD...the massive amounts of mud that we'll be combatting yet again.

I want to clean my house...I mean, CLEAN clean it...I want to scrub every surface. Make it shine in all its white wonder. But we have a dog that lives inside with us...and inevitably I have paw prints on my floor, splashed mud up the entrance walls, and the general smell of wet dog....ugh...

I hope my nesting doesn't torture me too least with the mud around. I fear that I might lose my mind!!!

Tonight, Steven works....tonight, I turn on tunes that I love to sing, and tonight, I clean my house!!!

Tis decided!

38 days....

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This Little Girl Dreams... said...

I feel your pain with the pic posting! You are too funny.